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Forex earnings forum

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Home Community General Forex your second source of income. Share Share this page! Forex your second source of income. May 02 at edited May 02 at Are you searching for the best investment? Have you ever thought to find a second source of income? Are you curious to learn more about Forex? In this article we will gather all the information you need to know about Forex trading and Forex market overall Before really beginning to put your cash in the Forex market,you need to understand that you can trade in different products.

The currency trading or FX can be the largest investment and a secure one. All currency trading is done as a form of pairs, also you can trade using virtual currencies like Bitcoin. As a beginner you need to start learning about the global markets before actually entering it. You can use the micro lots to start trading with it. And for small investor they can trade in micro or mini lots. Also you need to know about the factors that affect currency markets like stock traders, supply and demand, interest rates.

So if you are planning to start trading in currency market you have to follow a strategy that suits the way you want to trade with. Another way to trade is online stock , which allow you to trade in global markets using American and European stocks and international companies stocks as you can buy or sell a single stock based on the market price. The steps that will help you within online stock trading: Choose the best strategy. Educate yourself about the markets.

Choose an online broker. Find the stocks you want to trade with. Follow a plan. Another market you can trade in is the crude oil. So if you are interested about oil trading you need to know about oil market ups and downs, starting from what moves crude oil market as the shrinking in demand lead most traders to sell, otherwise rising in demand lead them to buy more.

As well as you need to study the long term chart to understand how it goes inside this market. Now the question is which Forex company that you can choose, there are many brokers that you can start trading through them, but you have to trust your broker and make sure that they will give you the full support and best advice to trade with.

Open in a full screen. Quote Message Report. I thought of trusting someone to manage my funds even as I learn. So I would like you to introduce me to the best account managers Open in a full screen. Before you start doing anything, you need to understand what you want to achieve. You must have a clear strategy in order to succeed. You can try to ''make a plan during trading times'', but it is not. Most likely, if you go this way, you will lose a lot.

Today, most brokers offer a demo account, so you can start there and then go to real trading when you have a plan and confidence in your decision. Thank you for pointing out several promising markets. But I am sure that in order to be successful, every trader must experiment and choose the best option on his or her own.

Forex is a good asset to get in to because the spreads are low, you can use leverage and there is market movement every day. This is what keeps me focused on Forex Open in a full screen. Adribaasmet posted: may be i saw same post in elitetrader Forum , by the way i always try to take my first choice as Forex but failed honestly so many times.

That why they say it isn't easy to make money through trading. Sadly many of us are not able to put in all the required knowledge, experience ,hard work and skill that this field requires. It's my second source of income since I'm a little bit affraid to go all in. I like knowing that tomorrow I will have a job and sallary at the end of the month. Forex is the greatest way of income and it can become your main source of income but also it is very risky and if you are new and want to become rich quickly with Forex trading then it is not for you.

First, learn it and then think about making money in Forex trading. I think that forex can become not only a source of additional earnings - it all depends on your desire, lifestyle and, what to hide, your financial possibilities, because good profits are usually provided by good capital Mohammadi posted: practice can make you perfect , but in Fx we practice at random in demo and got nothing ultimately. Yeah that's a good way to practice for beginners after they have demo traded for a while.

Requires quite less capital and is good for beginners. So this means I can have a job and earn money from trading with forex and that money from forex only gets taxed by capital gains. Hi, You can have employment and still trade on forex. Hi, according to my research online Forex is treated as gambling in UK spread betting and is tax free for individuals, so why are you saying that CGT has to be paid?

Can you point me to some document about this? Hi, Please see guidance here on betting and gambling on the link: Business Income Manual. Thank you. Hello Please can you clear some info for me. I am a self employed, i lost my business during the lock down, i have started trading forex during the lockdown and i have decided to make my day job. Can you please guide me with better info about tax. Lets say i have started with Now i got the Many thanks.

Hi, If you are setting this up as a trade then you would be liable to income tax and national insurance on the gain of this income. Hi There, After a bit of advice I will be trading as an Entrepreneur trader through a company as well as my day job what percentage of tax will I pay on my trading? Hi I'm a full time housewife and starts to do forex trading during my leisure time for some extra money.

I trade with a Australia licensed broker. Do I need to file any tax on gain? Am I categorising as self-employed? Hi, You would need to check the badges of trade to see if this is classed as trading income or capital gains if not trading. Hi, i have a full time job and i want to start to trading forex, indices, energies, metals with a regulated brooker no spread betting but CFD as a extra income. How have i to pay the tax?

Are them Capital Gains or Income Tax? Have i to register myself as a Self- Employed summed at my employed full time work? And I ask you again: if trading goes well and becomes my main and unique job, leaving the full time job that I have today, what should I do? Do I have to register myself as a self employed? What documents does my accountant need to present in this case, in order to pay taxes? I ask you to be specific in the answers to the individual questions because I will forward the answer to my accountant.

Thank you so much, Daniele. Whether an activity amounts to a trade for tax purposes is a question of fact based on all the relevant circumstances. You will need to consider your relevant circumstance and the activity as a whole.

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Laurent magniez h investing The stop-loss limit is the maximum amount of pips price variations that you can afford to lose before link up on a trade. This is what keeps me focused on Forex Open in a full screen. Commodities Our guide explores the most traded commodities worldwide and how to start trading them. Public debt defaults are incoming, KEEP pumping deutchebank. Later Allow. You must be signed in to post in this forum. If this goes well, then a larger deposit can be made.
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Forex club bonuses Markets close in 3 hrs 44 mins. Steps may include posting comments online or reporting the broker to FINRA or the appropriate regulatory body in your country. Soon, I was spending hours reading about trading systems i. You would need to keep a schedule of all your transactions, this will assist you to compute gains and losses and enable you to work out any CGT you may need to pay. Then the ban on russians, the biggest supporter and client and a tourist in all european countries which are in trouble. Forex is the greatest way of income and it can become your main source of income but also it is very risky and if you are new and want to become rich quickly with Forex trading then it is not for you.
Learn how to work with forex Please login to comment. What Is Churning by a Broker? This will be the final nail in the coffin of European economy, at least for all the southern countries. Home Customer Forums Personal tax tax on forex trading tax on forex trading. Issues of this nature should be resolved and explained to the trader, and the broker should also be helpful and display good customer relations.
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Thread: What have you achieved in life with forex earnings. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. What have you achieved in life with forex earnings. Forex remains a very good business where so many of us have come to really earn good money to solve our needs. Some have indeed fail and rise again and while some have risen and failed. I have been trading for the purpose of earning good and though am not in a very much bigger level but I have achieve enough to feed myself in school, buy some textbooks and pay some of my bills.

Some have achieved more than enough with forex as some have build their house, become their own boss, buy cars, stage a wedding, open a business and so many more. This is one beauty of forex. So bad, I have nothing to prove off, but anyways I know I am getting there because I am at the recovery stage after losing and now learning from my brother.

I know it will not be an easy one but at the same time it quite will help me grow. Ultimately I have big dreams to achieve with this business and I am making sure to keep on learning. In the next one year I should be a good trader. Forex have been a proper blessing for me which I don't really doubt about. One could imagine how he could stand up on his feet especially when he have no one to help him in life. I must say that forex have been my savior grace and what I have achieved up to this level is good for me.

From this business i made money which helped me feed in school and fast forward to this day, I have really have the ability to rent and furnish my room, buy my dream gadgets and hopeful I could start up something offline that will still yield me more money in the future. I have worked in Forex for five years and I could not make very little profits from Forex. But I did not give up and still work in Forex in order to achieve what I wish I am from Forex is to make a monthly profit that I can live by and provide all his needs from it.

I am sure to achieve this because I am now working very successfully and very profitable in Forex. Originally Posted by naeem I am still learning although I have made some little money in the past, but I used the money for better things, like taking care of my self and buying the girl things. I see forex trading as a big business the one I will be able to earn a lot of money from with time, so I am not being in a hurry, it will only take me some time to achieve the success I need in here.

Its a long story and in actual i do not make a long profits from this business but i can mange my expensise through this account and sometime i take some good profit as well but still i am not purchase a car or home so we have to take high risk so we can able to earn unlimited from this market.

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The amount you earn does not make you self employed, the previous response covered this. Capital Gains is not classed as a main source of income either and none. Find the latest EUR/USD (EURUSD=X) forex discussions in Yahoo Finance's forum. Share your opinion and gain insight from other traders and investors. In this article we will gather all the information you need to know about Forex trading and Forex market overall.