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Forex advisor ilan for free

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The system is based on trading the short-term market moves. Trades are exited with a fixed take profit of pips, which allows you to make profits on the market moves in both directions. In the brief follow-up reviews of several Ilan modifications, I offer a free template.

Download the archive. Next, you follow the address MQL4 — Experts. Next, you paste the Expert into this folder and restart the MT4. If everything is correct, there will appear a smiling face in the top right corner of the chart. This is the original version of the Expert working on the hourly timeframe. It is designed for all major currency pairs. A trade is entered at the beginning of every hour. It spots the short-term trend based on the most recent two bars and enters a trade in the trend direction.

If the price reverses, the next trade is multiplied by the Martingale coefficient, which is specified in the settings, in the original direction counter the trend. This allows us to compensate for the losing trades with the winning ones. Although this modification is not the most up-to-date, it is considered to be the most successful and popular in practical trading.

When the indicator is attached to the chart, the first trade is entered almost instantly sometimes, you need to wait for about 15 minutes. The EA works with all liquid currency pairs on the five-minute timeframe. You can trade forex or employ it in binary options.

The recommended minimum deposit is USD. The working principle here is similar to the trading algorithm of the previous version. Stop losses are not set automatically, trades are exited with the take profit. If the price goes in the opposite direction Ilan enters another trade in the same direction as the previous one.

So, I recommend running the EA on a demo account with the default values and then decide what options should be changed, according to your trading style conservative or aggressive. The template can be uploaded here. Ilan refact 1. It also employs the RSI signals. Buy and sell trades are entered simultaneously in the 5-minute timeframe in the same chart of an instrument. Differently put, when you launch it on the chart, the EA enters two orders in the opposite direction at the first RSI signal.

You can download the template of the EA here. The parameters and the values of Ilan 1. There are several buttons in the upper right corner of the chart. Information on the grid parameters is displayed in the upper left corner: the current spread for the pair, the current step in the grid, volatility ATR for 10 days, and the last 24 hours, the number of open orders in both directions, etc.

If the platform restarts, the existing orders do not close, the EA continues to work as it did until the platform was closed Internet break occurred. To preserve your deposit, calculate the maximum allowable drawdown before you set the grid of orders. In the EA archive, you will find the Excel table one of the possible options , where you should specify:.

This table will demonstrate to you the amount of the potential loss that can occur with a given position volume and the number of grid orders. This is another modification in the Ilan family. I haven't noticed the principal differences from the Ilan 1. You can download the template of this modification here. It seems that the popularity of the previous Ilan modifications still excites its developers. How can you make money on what has been already promoted among traders?

You take the previous modification, modify it a little, and present it as a new product. This modification, based on the 1. It also includes extra parameters, which, in my opinion, only complicated working with the EA. Its optimization still turns into selecting the right parameters for the indicator to put the right entry. They are the Martingale coefficient and the step increment between orders. The template of this version is here. For the sake of the experiment, I launched the Ilan 1.

I chose these two modifications as they seem the most interesting because of clear differences in the settings. I have created a modification of the EA with the entire code written from scratch and therefore the analytical unit completely redesigned. Dynamically adjustable parameters allow obtaining sufficiently stable operation with different instruments even with the default settings with no initial optimization.

At an equivalent time, all important parameters are available for optimization and fine-tuning for a selected instrument and trading conditions. Depending on the signal, the EA can open positions in two directions — buy and sell. If necessary, the Expert Advisor are often customized to figure in just one direction. The volume of the initial order is automatically calculated when the proportional calculation function is enabled.

If the price moves against the position, and averaging order is automatically placed. The averaging algorithm is often flexibly adjusted by special input parameters. In this case, the Advisor will always start a series with the quantity laid out in the input parameters. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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