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Color of forex charts

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I looked at each one and took an inner supply of just how I really felt. When looking at the black and white coloured chart, I observed that I really did feel much more calmer. As most of us know, the candle colours are simply a means to represent price data … if the candle closed up or down.

However you might not know that those colours can also stand for various other things in your subconscious. This will be different for various individuals, depending upon your natural tendencies and life experiences. However, if the colours do influence you, after that this is added details that your brain has to process every single time you take a look at a chart.

For instance, you might unconsciously associate the following things with regards to the colours of red and green. In fact, lets take a look now at the different colours with regards to the best Forex chart colours you might want to use in your own trading. Colours have a huge influence in our life, no people can deny it, they impact the method we think, the way we act and also basically control numerous facets of our life.

In trading, we know that our feelings and also state of mind have a huge effect on our performance as well as how we respond to circumstances in the marketplace. Remarkably, it can often be straightforward points that influence our feelings and moods, with one really easy thing being colours, and even more so with the best Forex chart colours to trade with. For that reason, as part of our constant look for even more marginal gains in trading, we determined to comprehend more concerning how colours may impact our trading performance.

To think a young boy can be scared tight by pink and also not wanting to connect with this colour is major, well at least it is for a young boy and I bear in mind, no means was I going to have pink on my school bag or pink on my lunch box. It continues on with red being a colour associated with the fact to stop on traffic lights when we drive a car as well as green being a colour to go. Overall colours and also symbols have a massive impact in our day to day life.

Now, prior to I move onto resolving this influence of trading colours in Forex, especially with the best Forex chart colours to trade with. First quit, shut your eyes as well as picture driving to a traffic signal intersection. Now think of driving through a red light at the intersection or quitting on an green light at the intersection. You see our minds are programmed this way and the same is said with our trading. Can it be that particular colours can impact us similarly on a Forex Chart in how we see the chart, and impact the best Forex chart colours to trade with.

What regarding the Reverse with Red rising as well as green Down, how do you really feel? What about the traditional white and black chart I briefly spoke about earlier on in this post. Do you find these colours more appealing to trade with.

This allows you to go back to the fundamentals once again, the Criterion Black and White Design template I make use of on a normal weekly basis. Let me understand just how you really feel overall, did any one of these charts have you puzzled, stressed or another fascinating psychological response? A cool and also tranquil colour, making us really feel tranquil and loosened up. It has also been found to decrease your heart rate and high blood pressure, so it is also relaxing from a physical perspective.

With that being said, a all blue chart colours, I have found to dramatically increase my success in trading the markets, with the best Forex chart colours to trade with. It can also have a relaxed calm approach especially when you have found yourself in a losing position. So I suggest to try the colour of blue out in your own trading to see how it effects your emotions.

Just like the chart I use below in my Fractal Level Trading Training, which you can learn more on clicking here. Commonly associated with hope, exhilaration or happiness, but it is also associated with intelligence and also an inquisitive mind. This sounds like the ideal characteristics for an individual: pleased, optimistic and also favourable yet likewise intelligent and also analytical.

Nonetheless, yellow can likewise evoke inflammation as well as anger. This could be because of the amount of light in the colour, which means the eyes have to concentrate a bit harder, as a result putting more strain on the eye. Perhaps not the best colour to have as your chart background, and not the best Forex chart colours to trade with either. But yet perhaps a consideration for your trading area. Green draws out a great deal of sensations of serenity as well as triggers a relaxing effect, and one of the best Forex chart colours to trade with.

Many individuals also think the colour to hold specific healing qualities. As we understand, in the marketplace we intend to be psychologically neutral as high as possible. Being serene as well as calm is an ideal problem to be in. From love and warmth, to temper as well as threat; red brings up a range of feelings. It can also indicate power and supremacy. Some researches have actually shown that in physical competition, red can really improve efficiency. From a physical viewpoint, red can also enhance heart rate as well as blood pressure.

The boosted levels of exhilaration it can cause also suggests also much red can lead to stress and anxiety. It is commonly used for danger signs, so maintaining us on edge throughout specific minutes may be a good thing to a specific degree. So for these reasonings I would steer clear from using red in your chart colours when possible.

Removing it from my own trading dramatically created a calmer effect and less high emotions, especially when taking losses. And most defiantly not one of the best Forex chart colours to trade with. All colours can have a negative and favourable impact on our psychology. This is established by your very own personality, attributes and experiences. If you are experiencing trading difficult, then you need to read this previous post on what makes trading difficult clicking here. This indicates, we require to explore various colours and not stay with default or accepted norms in terms of chart colours as well as various other products you might enter into contact with during your trading session.

We likewise require to be sure to utilise colours in a significant method, instead of selecting arbitrary colours for levels on our charts, as you may subconsciously affix indicating to these colours and also lead to complication in your reasoning. When there are particular things that you want to have highlighted, Colours are beneficial. If there is a degree or area on the graph that you desire your focus to remain on vibrant, lively colours will certainly maintain you attracted to this.

Testing a trader in a way to certain simple color changes and how it makes them feel. Can give a good insight to certain traders about how they feel about the charts and trading overall. I like Black and White Template. I think you are the first one that has ever touched on a topic I have always wondered if I was the only one going through the colour concept thing on the charts. As an aspiring trader over the years, i have seen hundreds of charts and the number 1 thing that suggest to me i will be learning good off the chart is the colours.

Some colours will just not allow me to sink in to my study or grasp the chart in total. If i ever drift of my colours confusion sets in somehow. Thanks anyway for this rare observation of yours. Importantly, how a trader can deal with it also if the colors do not match how they see the market waves on a pair. Overall it shows the power of conditioning with colors in general.

I totally agree, I often switch my screen on all black bar not even candle in order to keep my mind clear on what is the price chart telling me. Hi Timon Great Topic, we have a saying in Iran that if you want to see what others see about you then you must step outside yourself and view your actions as a third party unbiased approach.

Im going to be more aware of this and not rush in like i have before, my motto from now on going to be Structure Structure Structure. Thanks for the insight and keep up the good work. Why not use open high low close black bars all bars black. Hey Jay, Going back over 20 years or so that is all charts used to be, all in one colour usually black and bar chart or line chart as only option. Funny enough Colors can be used as another part of your own price action if you think about it.

Mostly everyone uses same COMMON colors, good because we want that, people are predictable in nature so now we think about your opponents mindset by what there thinking.. So Red candles are good extreme levels if you understand price strucuture. Well informed traders use these areas to their advantage and capitalize. Markets are made up by only traders buying and selling and their thought processes are projected onto a chart.

I have all your video teachings. They have made me profitable. I been pondering on colors and saw that a professional retail trader on Ytube state that he uses just one color to remove the emotion out. I must say when i put just black candles on a white screen it does impact my feelings. There is clarity. I was surprised by it. I think this is great for breakouts and high and low identification with no second guessing and support and resistance trades.

I do trade well with green bull and red bear type colors. Return to top of page. If you are wondering what the term scaling in means then you have come to the right place. Did you know that many traders choose to complicate their trading more so…. About Timon Weller Timon Weller is the professional trader behind the blog Forex Reviews as well as a teacher of Price Action Trading and creator of the popular training series teaching people how to trade Price Action effectively called The Engulfing Trader.

July 23, at pm. Practically those colors did affect lots of traders. Timon Weller says:. July 24, at am. DAVE says:. July 26, at pm. July 28, at pm. September 26, at pm. Hi Timon, I think you are the first one that has ever touched on a topic I have always wondered if I was the only one going through the colour concept thing on the charts. Yours Peter Opis. Eric says:.

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For now, just remember that on forex charts, we use red and green candlesticks instead of black and white and we will be using these colors from now on. Why Chart Colors Matter · Red: danger, losing, blood, creepy clown noses · Green: money, “go” on a traffic signal, growth, Lucky Charms. I like blue and red candles on black but not real red, a more subdued red. Bull Candle: Blue Bear Candle: FireBrick. Bar Up/Down: Lime black.