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Tux with no vest ashmore investment management

Tux with no vest

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To ensure the very best service for every customer, all locations are family owned and operated by members in their respective communities. And all locations are served by local warehouses so that tuxedos look their best when you wear them for your event. One of the biggest decisions when it comes to picking a tuxedo or suit will always be the accessories to wear to complete your look.

Among the most popular accessories are the cummerbund and vest to cover the tuxedo waistband. But what is a cummerbund? And should you wear a cummerbund or vest? Read on to learn more about wearing a cummerbund or vest, and what to consider when wearing a tuxedo with vest and tuxedo with cummerbund. The tuxedo with cummerbund is a staple for formal events. So what exactly is a cummerbund and what is its purpose?

It may come as a surprise that the origins of the cummerbund actually date back to 19th century India. During this time, members of the British military stationed in India noticed the sashes Indian men wore around their waists, and figured this might be a great alternative to the heat-trapping vests they were wearing.

Soon after the British army adopted this accessory, it made its way to New York and grew in popularity. The cummerbund is typically black in color and made of a satin material, and should be worn with the pleats facing upward. It should be worn right at the waistline at the naval, and half of the cummerbund should cover the shirt while the other half covers the trousers. In popular formal wear, a tuxedo with cummerbund serves a few different purposes.

First, as the British discovered, a tuxedo with cummerbund is a much cooler alternative to the tuxedo with vest. Wearing a cummerbund is a great option for events taking place is warmer locations, or during the balmy summer months. Another purpose of the tuxedo with cummerbund, is that the cummerbund effectively hides bunching that can occur when tucking a shirt into pants.

A tuxedo with cummerbund also serves to flatter the figure, giving men a slimmer and sleeker look by hiding the midsection. Finally, an often unknown benefit to wearing a tuxedo with cummerbund is that the pleats of the cummerbund are very efficient in catching crumbs, therefore protecting your trousers from getting messy. In fact, the first vests can be traced back to the 19th century, when they were worn by servants working outdoors who needed an extra layer of warmth. By the late 19th century, vests had grown in popularity.

They had even become a part of more formal attire, eventually becoming an accessory to accompany the tuxedo. The tuxedo with vest is a highly formal look, and this vest should never be worn without the dinner jacket. Cummerbunds are — literally — a cooler option. Your color options are simple: midnight blue or black, with black being the most versatile choice, and remembering that the color should always match your bowtie.

The vest will be made from the same cloth as the tuxedo jacket, and should have buttons covered in the same silk as those on the coat. While vests or cummerbunds may, at first, seem superfluous accessories, these components of the complete tuxedo actually have a purpose, which is, simply, to cover the waist. In fact, all working parts of a black tie ensemble should be dressed , or covered:.

The waistcoat was the original preference for formal dining attire, but the black tie version differs from the vest of a three-piece suit in several key respects. The tuxedo vest is generally cut low and wide to show off the front of the formal shirt underneath and typically has a small set of shawl lapels.

And as previously mentioned, the buttons on the vest are covered in silk. If you opt for a cummerbund, it should be worn at the natural waist, half covering your trousers and half over your tuxedo shirt. So whether you choose a vest or cummerbund, you can feel confident that you taking part in a historic tradition of formal occasion dressing.

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