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TSV moving average is plotted as an oscillator. Four divergences are calculated for each indicator regular bearish, regular bullish, hidden bearish, and hidden bullish with three look-back periods high, mid, and small. For TSV, the The New York Stock

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Forex bullshit

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I always laugh at people who say they've never met a rich technician. I've used fundamentals for 9 years and got rich as a technician. Jan 01, Bill Viscome rated it really liked it. Quick and informative read. This was a quick and easy read. It sheds a light on technical indicators and how they can be used to deceive new investors into buying them as well as seminars that profess eventual success. Jan 13, Andre Ong rated it it was amazing.

Simple, Concise, and Well Reasoned Mr. He explains the theories in an understandable fashion and then puts forward his thoughts on them. This is worth a focused read. Laurent Pataillot rated it liked it Jul 11, Amit Burman rated it it was amazing Nov 26, Kaili Jen rated it liked it Oct 04, Koko rated it it was amazing Mar 12, Andrew W rated it liked it Feb 09, Javier Armunia Hinojosa rated it really liked it Jan 01, Scott Corey rated it liked it Mar 10, Kalyan Seshu rated it it was amazing Jan 25, Mick Brown rated it it was amazing May 25, Amit Trivedi rated it it was ok Apr 02, Lance Basile rated it it was amazing Feb 19, Hamad rated it really liked it Jul 10, SONI rated it it was amazing Feb 06, Timothy rated it really liked it Nov 05, Anna P rated it really liked it Aug 31, Pavel Kuznetsov rated it liked it Jun 16, Alex Barrett rated it it was amazing Jan 15, Eimantas rated it really liked it Aug 17, George Siharulidze rated it liked it Mar 25, Bill Turney rated it it was amazing Jan 28, David Brown rated it it was amazing Apr 18, Andro rated it really liked it Apr 30, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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Investing In Stocks. Trade Finance. Finance Business. Candlestick Chart. Financial Instrument. Investing Money. Saving Money. Saving Tips. Buy Stocks. Financial Tips. Financial Literacy. Financial Planning. I've worked in the online brokerage industry and seen investors act out of ignorance.

Learning how to invest starts with education, and I do my best to cover the basics of investing in stocks here. Stacy W. Forex Strategies. Risky Business. Business Analyst. Economics Lessons. Business And Economics. Business Education. Teaching Economics. Micro Economics. What To Study. The concept of supply and demand is often called the heart and soul of economics.

It is the foundation for much of what is studied in the field. Understanding how supply and demand affect the economy helps us recognize economics everywhere in our daily lives. Great History Teaching. Global Stock Market. Global Stocks. As an overview, quick guide, or tool for review, this infographic covers the essentials in a visually appealing, easy-to-understand format that is certain to facilitate discussion and reinforce learning.

Forex Trading Tips. Chandeliers Japonais. Analyse Technique. Stock Market For Beginners. Bollinger Bands. Stock Trading Strategies. Trading Quotes. Intraday Trading. Stock Investing. Akmos is in many ways the same as most of the sites here, it offers demo accounts, forex news, and instructional material. Alpari is a UK based company offering a variety of services to traders.

It's simple, ordered, and easy to follow and intended to get you a good foundation of experience upon which to build a successful career as a trader. CMSForex offers brokerage services and trading platforms to traders. Although it does have something to offer experienced traders, beginners will likely find little use for this site outside the free practice account it offers. Currency Library does have a good deal to offer such as free news subscriptions, a section for market research, historical market data, commentary and analysis.

Dawn Meson's blog is a relatively simple affair, if you are looking for a few bits of interesting commentary, or just another traders perspective, it might be worth a read. DifBroker offers services in eight different countries and offers free demo accounts, trading platforms, and brokerage services. EasyForex is almost exclusively populated by paid services. It includes educational services, trading services and trading tools. Sam Beatson's forex blog offers little in the way of educational material, but it does offer excellent insight into market activity.

ForexFactory is geared for those looking for up to date information on the forex market. It offers users a forum, as well as good reference material. Forex Markets is a good stop for trading software, but little else. Glitches seem to be the main thing holding this site back from more widespread exposure, but they are worth suffering through.

ForexPeaceArmy is a community oriented site that has taken up the unenviable task of trying to protect traders from the myriad scams, hoaxes, and cons that are so prevalent in the online forex trading world. ForexProject offers a wide range of services to forex traders of every skill level. Here traders can find news, strategies, and forex market commentary. Forex-Training offers a good deal of resources here, and it is certainly a good place to check out if you are a beginner, or looking to get a few in depth explanations of some of the more complicated topics.

ForexYard is a registered members only site, but does provide beginners with free service like a trading course and practice account. ForexCycle provides a number of services to mid level traders. Its services are offered primarily for free, and include technical analysis, forex news, and broker listings. ForexSignal is a decent site for those looking to get a well rounded picture of the market but it offers little that others don't. FXFisherman is another community oriented site, but it does offer a little more than just forums.

It's also free of the problems plaguing many other community oriented sites in that it's readership is sufficient to make the forums worth browsing through at least daily. FXMaster is a decent site, it is lacking in some of the more comprehensive areas of forex info, but all in all it provides some good material.

All in all, Trading International is a well put together site and offers a number of training services, brokerage services, and forums for more community oriented traders. FXUniversal doesn't offer too much for free, but does offer good options for those who know forex trading is what they want to do. FXWeek is the online extension of a print media publication that has been around for nearly two decades. Though their website offers little as is, Gain Capital Group offers excellent brokerage service as well as their own trading platform.

Investica is easily one of the ugliest sites in this list, but it does feature twelve month rate forecasts for interest rates and currency pairs. InvestMode is all about forex news aggregation. Although there isn't much that can be said about it beyond that, not enough can be said about having all of your forex headlines gathered together in one place for you to sift through at your leisure.

ITSL is a rather average site, offering mostly average services. KerdfordFX is a good enough site that it warrants at least one visit. They offer a wide array of paid services, as well as a few free services. Internet Financial Products offers a number of different services and software, most of which have yet to prove their usefulness. At first glance OpenForex seems to be a relatively solid forex site, but as it happens most of what it purports to offer actually comes through offsite links.

Although it is no longer updated, Peter Bain's original forex blog offers dozens of brilliant articles that are worth reading through if you are looking to get a historical perspective on the forex market. RatesFX is a site that is visually sparse but offers a good deal of information to those who are interested. Although the offerings assume a basic familiarity with forex trading, it will be helpful to anyone who has that familiarity. RealtimeForex is a site that everyone should visit, regardless of skill level.

It has frequently updated market commentary, analysis, and news as well as one of the largest volumes of free forex educational materials. SiriusForex is a relatively low key site that offers market commentary and some live market activity. StartForex is a good place for beginners or anyone looking for a few tips on forex trading.

It isn't as much forex commentary as it is low level suggestions for what a trader needs and how to use it. LFB Forex is one of those sites you might not need if you are just getting started in the forex world. If you're a beginner most of what you'll find here is beyond your skill level, and what isn't costs a pretty penny. TradingNews is an outstanding site with a brilliant setup. Everything is designed to mimic a desktop trading platforms features.

Charts, Market information, and news occupy separate windows and with free registration you can fully customize the information you want to display. Understand Market offers trading strategies, at a price. This website is great for those that are willing to spend the time and money for their services.

XE is a good site for traders with some experience. It offers several useful tools, news, and a trading service. There is, however, no educational material, so beginners need not bother. Xrates offers a lot of the same things as most others sites. It has a decent beginners section, consistently updated news and analysis and so on. Experienced traders probably won't find anything worth their time here, but there are some intermediate articles that may be of use to those who have only a little experience.

BasixFX offers a few things that forex traders might find useful, but more than anything it's just a lot of the same stuff you can get on other less glitch ridden websites. EarnForex is a good site for those looking to learn forex trading. It provides dozens of links to instructional material as well as several links to brokers. Forex Capital Management offers a decent amount of services to registered users, but one really gets the feeling that they may be exceeding their reach especially with regard to the brokerage services they claim to offer.

ForexHound may not be the best place for beginners, but there is certainly something for the more experienced with its detailed forex articles. Easily, the greatest feature of ForexRealm is it's broker review system.

It is well maintained, and gives great insight into which brokers work, and which don't. Forex Support offers much of the standard fare of forex sites, but ultimately lacks the depth. Beginners may find something useful here but because of the required registration may be dissuaded from delving too deeply into the site. ForexNewsTrader will prove useful for only a limited segment of forex traders. They offer a subscription based forex news service, apparently marketed toward those who can't find or are not satisfied with the free news that is available to them.

FX Instructor offers all of the same things you've come to expect of forex sites, but bad site design ultimately renders it needless alongside the other sites to be found. GlobalForex offers a few articles here for beginners, but most of the site is designed around its trading platform. GoCurrency suffers from the same problem as a number of sites on this list. It is not a lack of features or services, it is simply that there are other sites that do it better.

If for one reason or another you can't or won't visit them, then this would be a good stop. Highstreet's main draw is it's broker reviews. So if you aren't yet to the point where you need a broker, or if you're happy with the one you've got, you need not bother here.

Investawise offers next to nothing to experienced traders, but beginners may benefit. It is riddled with simple site errors, but a lot of the educational material is very well written and helpful. Mabico is a site that was not designed with beginners in mind.

Although there is a beginners section in the forums, there is little else there for them. ProForex is a decent enough site for beginners but it suffers from a few problems that may not make it the opportune choice for paid services.

RealTrade offers most of the same things that all of the other good sites offer, such as mobile market data, demo accounts, news and commentary. TopForexNews is a relatively obscure forex blog. It offers little in the way of instruction, so beginners may want to skip this one. TradeTNT is not a forex site per se, but it will be useful to anyone looking for a good forex trading platform. AlertFX basically offers a single service that may make it worth checking out.

They can get you set up to receive market data and alerts on your cellular phone. CTNSystems offers free demo accounts, and trading software, they also offer select forex news articles, though these are not updated with any reasonable frequency. One needs to look to older posts to find anything of real substance on Daily Dopeness as it's author has since founded a company callled StockTwits. FiboSignals offers forex signals for traders.

The site itself is rather sparse and doesn't offer too much info for those who might be unsure about paying for forex signals. ForexFibonacci website's main focus is on giving an in depth explanation of forex trading using the Fibonacci method. FXPro is a primarily free site geared for the more experienced forex traders.

However, there site suffers from a number of minor but still stifling interface problems. The news section is of some value to those who always need more news. ForexSpot will likely not be very useful to anyone who is comfortable with their existing trading platform but the Forexecutor software does have some good features to it.

ForexPoint is not unhelpful, but does seem to offer little that can't be found elsewhere. It offers economic calenders, charts, broker listings and some material for beginning traders. ForexVision is a forex oriented search engine where users can look up forex related topics including forex terminology. HotSpotFX provides a typical trading platform that is run of the mill and can easily be passed over. IknowIndices is a forex broker offering one time trades as well as multi tiered membership options.

Marks Forex is a seemingly defunct forex blog. Although not updated frequently at all, it does have a wealth of back articles intended to educate forex beginners. MetaQuotes is the purveyor of the MetaTrader trading software. As sites go, it is rather dedicated to simply providing you with the MetaTrader software, and news about the current build of the same.

MigFX is another forex broker site that offers very little on their website and even less for free. PipTrader offers many of the same services as most other forex sites, with a few additions such as free forum access and forex chat. Though not updated terribly often, Shark Investor does provide useful information in its blogs.

Forex Gladiator is fairly limited in it's size, scope, and usefulness; however there are a few bits of information to be had here, but not much that you wouldn't be able to find elsewhere. ForexPM is a forex blog that offers few things to traders, but what it does offer is extraordinarily useful. Although it is somewhat sparse in it's appearance, and most of the categories of information it purports to offer, there are a few worthwhile tutorials and tips to be found here.