a useful website for forex
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A useful website for forex nickel forex online

A useful website for forex

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DeltaStock is an online forex broker offering services such as demo trading accounts, economic indicators, trading platforms, rate and currency calculators, and charts. Fibonacci Numbers is by no means an attractive site but it has probably the best, most sensible explanation of Fibonacci Sequence that you are likely to find for free. Finotec is one of the more highly regarded forex brokers and virtually every service they offer comes at a cost, so if you are sure that you want to learn forex, this might be the place for you.

Forex Blog by Lloyd is a meticulously maintained forex blog that is great for traders of any skill level looking for reviews of trading platforms, software or strategy, market commentary and much more. ForexCentral is a great site for forex information. It has an extensive collection of articles ranging from the basics of forex trading to specific strategies for the more dedicated traders.

Forex Forum is exactly what it sounds like; a forum for forex traders. All in all this is a good place to visit from time to time if you are looking for other traders opinions on a range of different forex topics. FXSolutions offers primarily pay services but the cost is justified.

If you are looking to learn forex on the cheap this may not be the site for you, but for individuals or groups willing to commit time and dollars there may be something of interest here for you. GCI Financial is one of the worlds largest brokerage firms, they offer commission free trading, internet trading software and low margin requirements.

GFT is among the leading brokerage firms catering to forex traders. It has a well established track record, but the site itself offers little to non customers. Interbank FX is a pretty solid site regardless of your experience as a trader. Beginners will find an abundance of great articles to get them started. Intermediate and experienced traders will find a number of services and features to make their trading easier.

OZForex is a brokerage firm based out of Australia claiming to offer better fees and lower rates than most other brokerage firms. TradeMoney appears to offer very little, but is nonetheless an excellent site that requires no registration and offers four complete books about forex trading. It offers beginners a good source of information on the basics of trading, and has an extensive archive of previous posts for those looking for more specific tips.

Windsor Brokers is a fairly well established brokerage firm may offer little in the way of training for prospective traders, but if you are looking for a new broker this might be a good place to check out. ActionForex is a good all around site for traders. It offers news, brokerage products, market analysis, and educational services. ADVFN is a great place for experienced traders, but beginners will likely be overwhelmed. There is little in the way of instructional material to be found here, but the resources it provides to those who know how to use it make it more than worthwhile.

DailyFX is primarily a pay services site. It offers little to beginners or anyone looking for free information but for those willing to pay, it provides valuable trading advice and brokerage services. Dukascopy is a brokerage firm specializing in the Swiss forex markets and offers live market data, free demo accounts, forex training, and a free software just to name a few.

It is somewhat limited in the services it provides users, but more than makes up for that with a wealth of informational content. Com is very simple, and very effective. If you want to know the current rate of exchange for any major currency pair this is a great site to visit.

Foreign Exchange Rate Advice provides readers with information on how to get the best rate possible when exchanging currency. ForexBoards is a forum community of forex traders where traders can get ideas and tips for your own strategy,. Forex-Ratings is another great site that offers forex news, broker news and reviews, market analysis and currency outlooks which are done well and updated frequently.

It provides an extensive list of tutorials for beginners and in depth video analysis for the more experienced traders. ForexTSD is primarily a forex message board, but beginners looking for insight and common sense explanations of complicated topics might find some answers here. ForexBlog is a free site which is great for beginners although it does assume some understanding of trading basics. It does lack the trading services of many other forex sites, however it provides a wealth of valuable information entirely free of cost.

ForexHelp is a pretty solid sight, it offers regular news updates, commentary, forex fundamentals, an extensive blog list, and live market data. Primarily a paid services site, ForexNews offers up to date information as well as instruction for traders of any skill level. CandleStick Forum is a relatively low profile forex site, it has the usual forex training material, brokerage links, technical analysis, and so forth.

FXWords is little more than a glossary of forex terms, which is ideal for beginners or hobbyist looking to expand your technical knowledge of forex trading. FXAll is a great site, that has a lot of good features including research sections organized by country, and a market outlook calendar. GFX is a good site for those who already know their stuff and are looking for a trading account and software.

GlobalView provides beginners with a number of useful tools like a beginners forum, educational material and expert advice. GNI Touch is one of the higher end full service online forex sites. There is a lot of stuff here, most of which is useful to traders of all skill levels, and they offer some of the basics for free. Go Learn Forex is for anyone looking to learn about forex trading from the ground up will find something useful here, but it has little to offer the more experienced traders.

GoForex is an excellent site which offers both paid services and free information for those interested in trading. ICC offers several services, most of which are little more than fancy currency converters. Where it really shines is in it's obsession to forex news and analysis. IQChart is a provider of forex charting software. There is little to be had or gotten on their website but if you are in the market for forex charting software this may be a good place to get some.

MoneyTec offers a number of services to traders who are willing to sign up for them. Most of the services they offer are free of charge, and the forum doesn't require registration to view, but to get anything of value out of this site does require you to create a new account. Northwest Financial Broker is a brokerage firm that caters specifically to forex traders and offers a free trading platform. PFX is an excellent source for beginners, which also offers good commentary and analysis for the more experienced.

This smaller trading size is great for those new to the forex market who aren't ready to risk large sums of money. SaxoBank is a brokerage firm whose site offers a free demo account for those shopping around, and for a rather substantial amount they offer a three tiered trading platform starting at 2,USD.

Tradeview Forex is a good all around site that offers free practice accounts with the MetaTrader4 platform. This is a good source of advice for forex traders. It is written by a full time trader in the forex and oil futures market, and offers weekly economic calenders, and weekly trading tips. SaxoTrader, formerly Trading Floor, is a forex trading platform.

The site itself lacks some of the instructional material commonly available at forex sites, but if you are in the market for trading software this might be a good place to look. OptionXpress is a great site for those who are just starting out in forex, or those who have some experience, but feel they would do well to expand their knowledge base. It is designed with the forex student in mind and it does an excellent job providing everything that they might need to learn what they need to know.

Definitely worth a visit. Akmos is in many ways the same as most of the sites here, it offers demo accounts, forex news, and instructional material. Alpari is a UK based company offering a variety of services to traders. It's simple, ordered, and easy to follow and intended to get you a good foundation of experience upon which to build a successful career as a trader. CMSForex offers brokerage services and trading platforms to traders. Although it does have something to offer experienced traders, beginners will likely find little use for this site outside the free practice account it offers.

Currency Library does have a good deal to offer such as free news subscriptions, a section for market research, historical market data, commentary and analysis. Dawn Meson's blog is a relatively simple affair, if you are looking for a few bits of interesting commentary, or just another traders perspective, it might be worth a read.

DifBroker offers services in eight different countries and offers free demo accounts, trading platforms, and brokerage services. EasyForex is almost exclusively populated by paid services. It includes educational services, trading services and trading tools. Sam Beatson's forex blog offers little in the way of educational material, but it does offer excellent insight into market activity. ForexFactory is geared for those looking for up to date information on the forex market.

It offers users a forum, as well as good reference material. Forex Markets is a good stop for trading software, but little else. Glitches seem to be the main thing holding this site back from more widespread exposure, but they are worth suffering through. ForexPeaceArmy is a community oriented site that has taken up the unenviable task of trying to protect traders from the myriad scams, hoaxes, and cons that are so prevalent in the online forex trading world.

ForexProject offers a wide range of services to forex traders of every skill level. Here traders can find news, strategies, and forex market commentary. Forex-Training offers a good deal of resources here, and it is certainly a good place to check out if you are a beginner, or looking to get a few in depth explanations of some of the more complicated topics.

ForexYard is a registered members only site, but does provide beginners with free service like a trading course and practice account. ForexCycle provides a number of services to mid level traders. Its services are offered primarily for free, and include technical analysis, forex news, and broker listings. ForexSignal is a decent site for those looking to get a well rounded picture of the market but it offers little that others don't.

FXFisherman is another community oriented site, but it does offer a little more than just forums. It's also free of the problems plaguing many other community oriented sites in that it's readership is sufficient to make the forums worth browsing through at least daily.

FXMaster is a decent site, it is lacking in some of the more comprehensive areas of forex info, but all in all it provides some good material. All in all, Trading International is a well put together site and offers a number of training services, brokerage services, and forums for more community oriented traders.

FXUniversal doesn't offer too much for free, but does offer good options for those who know forex trading is what they want to do. FXWeek is the online extension of a print media publication that has been around for nearly two decades. Though their website offers little as is, Gain Capital Group offers excellent brokerage service as well as their own trading platform.

Investica is easily one of the ugliest sites in this list, but it does feature twelve month rate forecasts for interest rates and currency pairs. InvestMode is all about forex news aggregation. Although there isn't much that can be said about it beyond that, not enough can be said about having all of your forex headlines gathered together in one place for you to sift through at your leisure.

ITSL is a rather average site, offering mostly average services. KerdfordFX is a good enough site that it warrants at least one visit. They offer a wide array of paid services, as well as a few free services. Internet Financial Products offers a number of different services and software, most of which have yet to prove their usefulness.

At first glance OpenForex seems to be a relatively solid forex site, but as it happens most of what it purports to offer actually comes through offsite links. Although it is no longer updated, Peter Bain's original forex blog offers dozens of brilliant articles that are worth reading through if you are looking to get a historical perspective on the forex market.

RatesFX is a site that is visually sparse but offers a good deal of information to those who are interested. Although the offerings assume a basic familiarity with forex trading, it will be helpful to anyone who has that familiarity.

RealtimeForex is a site that everyone should visit, regardless of skill level. It has frequently updated market commentary, analysis, and news as well as one of the largest volumes of free forex educational materials.

SiriusForex is a relatively low key site that offers market commentary and some live market activity. StartForex is a good place for beginners or anyone looking for a few tips on forex trading. It isn't as much forex commentary as it is low level suggestions for what a trader needs and how to use it.

If we did find something interesting, the content only covered a handful of forex-related topics and few sources specialized in forex — everything was scattered. There was not a place to learn forex trading for beginners. We were left to learn about topics such as support and resistance on one website, about MACD on a second website, trading psychology on yet another website, risk management on a 10th website…you get the idea.

We knew there had to be a better way. So we built it. For more than a decade, BabyPips. Now we have the School of Pipsology, our free online course, as well as articles on forex news, trading strategies, market analysis, and love triangle gossip between central bankers. Everything you need to get started in trading currencies is right here.

We created BabyPips. Live to trade another day. The Forex Peace Army make money by displaying the advertisements, but we do not endorse any advertised product or service. Please make sure to read our reviews before giving your money to any company. The Forex Peace Army now lists almost active forex and financial trading websites.

It is the largest and best collection of human-moderated forex reviews anywhere in the world. The Forex Peace Army also has forums, books, and a blog, featuring a large amount of educational material. Limassol, Cyprus. It provides all visitors with an opportunity to freely communicate and discuss issues related to programming in MetaQuotes Language 5 MQL5 and MetaQuotes Language 4 MQL4 , trading, automated trading systems, strategy testing and use of technical indicators in MetaTrader 5 and MetaTrader 4.

Communicate with the authors of articles and applications or ask questions in the forum where you will certainly receive an answer from your fellow traders. Traders Forum Ask questions on technical analysis, discuss trading systems and improve your MQL5 programming skills to develop your own trading strategies. Communicate and share your experience with traders from anywhere in the world, answer questions and help beginners — MQL5.

Financial Trading Articles Learn how to create your own technical indicators and trading robots from the huge database of articles written by expert traders. In addition, we will translate your article to six languages. Jobs for Freelancers Order a custom technical indicator, a trading robot or any other app for the MetaTrader platforms from trusted developers.

Professional programmers deal with hundreds of orders in the MQL5 Freelance section with guaranteed payment and instant withdrawal of earnings through convenient payment systems. Choose the right app among 10, products and forget about unnecessary routine operations of manual trading. Sell your algorithmic trading programs through the largest store of trading applications!

Trading Signals Choose a suitable trading strategy and subscribe to it with a few clicks. All Signals are provided with detailed statistics and informative charts. Become a trading signal provider and sell subscriptions to thousands of traders around the world. With the Signals service, your successful strategy can generate income with a small start-up budget! Nicosia, Cyprus, Madrid Spain, Nanshan, Shenzhen, China. With more than 46 million monthly users, and over million sessions, Investing.

With over , financial instruments covered, Investing. In addition to the global Stock Markets, Investing. Over the years, Investing. We provide real-time forex news and analysis at the highest level while making it accessible for less-experienced traders. Get the latest breaking foreign exchange trade news and current updates from active traders daily.

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10 Best Websites to Learn Forex Trading · 1. Asia Forex Mentor · 2. eToro Trading School · 3. gurg.bocot.xyz – Trading Room · 4. How to Trade · 5. 1. Forex Website: Bloomberg · 2. Forex Website: Babypips · 3. Forex Website: Forexlive · 4. Forex Website: Dailyforex · 5. Forex Website: Investopedia · 6. Forex. 1. Forex Factory. ForexFactory is the best forex website. · 2. FX Street. FXStreet is one of the absolute best forex news websites around. · 3. Bloomberg.