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The loss of soil OM is one of the most severe threats to much of the World's arable areas. Thus, OM application e. In this regard, the intrinsic properties of soil OM in conjunction with cation exchange processes have not been thoroughly addressed. Therefore, it is essential to quantify cation exchange in biosolids and biosolid-amended soils, specifically, the competitive cation exchange process. The main objective of this study was to evaluate cation exchange equilibria on biosolid-derived compost in binary cation solutions.

The selectivity coefficient was calculated from the measured exchange isotherms. The results showed that the shape of the exchange isotherm curves and the amount of cations exchanged varied in different binary systems. The biosolid characteristics, as well as the preference of particular cations to the biosolid, will be presented and discussed. How to cite: Nguyen, T.

Please use the buttons below to download the presentation materials or to visit the external website where the presentation is linked. Regarding the external link, please note that Copernicus Meetings cannot accept any liability for the content and the website you will visit. You are going to open an external link to the presentation as indicated by the authors. Copernicus Meetings cannot accept any liability for the content and the website you will visit.

We are sorry, but presentations are only available for conference attendees. Please register for the conference first. Thank you. Soil organic matter SOM is important for soil fertility and climate change mitigation. Agricultural management - including soil amendments - can improve soil fertility and contribute to climate change mitigation by stabilising carbon in soils.

This calls for cost-effective parameters to assess the influence of management practices on SOM. Data were obtained in five Austrian long-term field experiments LTEs testing four management practices: i tillage, ii compost application, iii crop residue management, and iv mineral fertilisation. AC was specifically sensitive in detecting the effect of tillage treatment at different soil depths.

NMP differentiated between all different tillage treatments in the top soil layer, it showed the temporal dynamics between the years in the compost LTE, and it was identified as an early detection property in the crop residue LTE. Thus, we suggest that AC and NMP are two valuable soil biochemical parameters providing more detailed information on C and N dynamics regarding depth distribution and seasonal dynamics and react more sensitively to different agricultural management practices compared to TOC and Nt.

They should be integrated in monitoring agricultural LTEs and in field analyses conducted by farmers. However, when evaluating results of long-term carbon storage, their sensitivity towards annual fluctuations should be taken into account. How to cite: Spiegel, H. Global industrial sulphur S dioxide emissions between to led to excessive S deposition and associated soil acidification. However, since introducing effective mitigation strategies, industrial S emissions have been significantly reduced, with concurrent reductions in S deposition.

This has resulted in S deficiency in many croplands which now require supplementary S applications via fertilisers. We used a year chronosequence of the reclaimed agricultural field after brown-coal mining Inden, Germany to sample topsoil cm from seven sites representing the years , , , , , , and The dynamics of sulphur transformation were determined by adding 35 S labelled methionine Met at 6, 24 and 48 h in an incubation experiment.

Results showed that soil S concentrations declined in a curvilinear pattern over the full chronosequence, from 0. In contrast, soil C peaked in at 16 g C kg -1 soil, with the lowest values in at 10 g C kg -1 soil. For the site recultivated in , transformation and S dynamics obviously differed from others. We conclude that organic S transformation in the soils was driven by the C rather S content, possible through differences in microbial C biomass, As such the effect of the S legacy in the soils could not be confirmed.

How to cite: Wang, Q. Under the framework of Cyclic Economy and EU Green Deal, sewage sludge represents an ideal soil amendment with a potential to increase soil OM, provide nutrients and reduce chemical fertilization, which otherwise would be disposed in landfills. Nonetheless, its agronomic use comes with an uncertainty of its potential to release ample plant-available N and trace-metals in a wide range of soils. This study investigated the N dynamics of municipal sewage sludge applied in two contrasting soils; an acidic pH 5 and an alkaline pH 8.

Anaerobic mineralizable N AMN was determined at 15 days. At the end of the incubation, trace-metals, organic C and total Kjeldahl N were determined using standard methods. In the alkaline soil, organic C was on average Total N was on average 1. A sharp increase in soil NO 3 - in the acidic soil was observed in all treatments except the control at approx. In the alkaline soil, soil NO 3 - remained at similar levels as initially.

Interestingly, N 2 O emissions for LM were at similar levels to the control treatment for both soils. At the end of the incubation, trace-metal concentration increased in all treatments, yet, it remained below legislative critical levels. The above effects varied slightly between LM and AD sewage sludge, therefore further experimentation is required to understand the effects of sewage sludge type and quality on soil fertility and crop productivity.

Our preliminary results show that stabilized sewage sludge has the potential to be a safe soil conditioner and fertilizer under the framework of Cyclic Economy and EU Green Deal. Funding: The research work was supported in part by the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation.

How to cite: Giannopoulos, G. Intensive tillage operations, especially moldboard plowing, are widely described as one of the leading causes of soil organic matter SOM decrease in cultivated topsoils. Experiments proved that afforestation or even dropped tillage intensity might increase the SOM content of the soil within decades.

However, little is known about the forms and sequestration mechanisms of the recently produced organic matter under conservation agriculture practices. Thus, the present study aimed to test the following hypotheses on a Chernozem crop field shifted to conservation tillage: i SOM increase appears in the uppermost soil layer without any effect in the subsoil layer; ii SOM increase affects each both labile and stabile SOM pools of the soil; iii the increase modifies the SOM composition of the fractions.

The present study compares the SOM amount and composition of the cm and cm horizons under plowing, deep cultivation, and no-tillage. Decreasing cultivation intensity resulted in a general soil organic carbon SOC concentration increase in both the mineral phase associated OM stable pool , and the aggregate occluded OM fractions labile pool.

This indicates a relevant saturation deficit in both fractions of the topsoil even though the particulate organic matter fraction did not change. The increase is probably due to the above-ground plant residue input surplus as the SOC content in the cm layer did not change.

The SOM surplus stabilized in the soil did not affect SOM composition differences between depth and fractions resulted in a cultivation-independent chemical SOM composition. The only difference was aromaticity, which showed increasing stratification due to tillage intensity mitigation. These results suggest the highlighted role of dissolved organic matter movement in the profile as the possible driving force of differentiation of aromaticity with depth.

The results also underline the role of local circumstances in organic matter composition changes, proving the process's complexity and the difficulties of holistic model construction. How to cite: Jakab, G. Soil organic matter SOM plays an important role in conservation and restoration of soil fertility, as it is able to ameliorate physical, chemical and biochemical soil properties preventing erosion, increasing porosity, water-holding capacity and cation exchange capacity.

Furthermore, SOM can stimulate microbial biomass and as consequence microbial activity and functionality in terms of soil respiration and enzymatic activities. Biogeochemical cycle of nutrients can also take advantages from the microbial activity enhancement with positive effects on N and P uptake and crop yields.

The intensive farming systems favour the SOM decomposition and depletion due to the absence of rotations, the preference of milling to ploughing, the mineral fertilization, and the removal of crop residues. The aim of this research was to assess the effect of vermicompost VC as organic soil conditioner compared to pelleted manure PM under greenhouse in a conventional farm.

Two doses of VC and PM corresponding to 75 and kg N ha -1 year -1 were applied to solarized soil. Solarization was carried out during the hottest summer period and applied to all plots to control weeds, nematodes and soil-borne pathogens.

VC is the final product of a vermicomposting process involving synergistic action of earthworms and microbes in the bio-conversion of organic matter into humus-like substances. VC used in this research derived from solid digestate obtained in anaerobic digestion plant using, as carbon source, livestock sewage, olive mill wastewater and whey from dairy industry. Chemical and biochemical properties of soils sampled after 7 and days from organic amendments were investigated to understand the correlation between the use of organic soil conditioners and organic C stock, nutrient availability, microbial biomass, enzymatic activity, and crop yields and quality.

In the first sampling PM increased significantly the soil electrical conductivity compared to VC amendments. In addition, PM, in particular the greater dose, enhanced better than VC soil respiration, microbial biomass and overall enzymatic activities because PM is richer in labile carbon source than VC.

In contrast, VC was able to improve the activity of acid phosphatase and urease by increasing the applied dose thus making free phosphate and ammonium from organic matter. How to cite: Coppola, G. Sewage sludge from wastewater treatment plants or farm biosolids can be used as a source of organic matter to improve soil quality. Treated wastewater is due to a water scarcity also used for irrigation.

Despite that these soil amendments can have a significant impact on the CO 2 emission from soils, their actual effect on measured values has not been fully revealed. Therefore, the goal of this study was to evaluate the effect of products from the municipal wastewater treatment plant on the CO 2 efflux from soils.

Experiment was carried out directly in the wastewater treatment plant, where nine raised beds were installed, which contained soils taken from topsoil of two soil types Arenosol two beds and Cambisol seven beds. Either maize or a mixture of different vegetables lettuce, carrot and onion was grown in these beds.

Of the seven beds with the Cambisol, one of the beds containing either maize or vegetables was irrigated with tap water and other pair of beds maize or vegetables was irrigated with treated wastewater i. In another pair of beds maize or vegetables , composted sludge from WWTP Three beds containing both types of biosolids were irrigated with tap water.

Only vegetables were grown in the beds with the Arenosol, which were irrigated with either tap water or treated wastewater. Climatic data, irrigation doses, drainage water volumes, soil water contents and plant growth were monitored during the experiment.

The soil CO 2 efflux was measured in a steel collar diameter of 11 cm and height of 7. While stabilized and composted sewage sludge considerably increased the CO 2 emission, the effect of treated wastewater or plant was not confirmed. Acknowledgement: Study was supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic, project "The fate of selected micropollutants, which occur in treated water and sludge from wastewater treatment plants, in soil" No. How to cite: Nikodem, A.

The dryland soils of North African region are usually poor in organic matter, which is the cause of low soil fertility. Oases are the main driver of arid areas economy in this region. In oases, date palm is the main source of income for farmers. Oases also represent shelter for local population and even, in some cases, tourism.

The harsh environment in the desert regions of North Africa makes these regions vulnerable to many environmental threats. Only a minor part of date palm cultivation by-products are recovered, including for example palm branches used for fixing sand dunes, as fences in oases or for shade.

Their valorization as bioresources, with a potential effect on soil fertility and thus on oases ecosystem productivity , has received little attention to date. Based on the few available results for the maintaining of land productivity and sustainability of the oasis system, the ISFERALDA project aims to increase resilience to climate change of agroecosystem while ensuring comparable or higher incomes to local farmers in semi-arid and arid areas.

The project aims at developing the use of organic amendments based on local agriculture wastes, and more specifically the date palm residues, as a key tool in land restoration. Innovative farming systems will be developed and contribute sustainable management of date production, generating income and creating employment as well as improving environmental parameters. The influence of different kinds of organic amendments on environment, yield, and socio-economic development will be assessed.

Or, to download just dimension data, select one or more dimension variables. Specify the subset of data that you want by specifying the dimension subsets Start:Stride:Stop. For File type , choose one of the non-image file types anything but. This web page just simplifies the creation of griddap URLs. If you want, you can create these URLs by hand or have a computer program do it.

For technical or scientific questions, please contact Joaquin Trinanes joaquin. The data may be used and redistributed for free but is not intended for legal use, since it may contain inaccuracies. Neither the data Contributor, ERD, NOAA, nor the United States Government, nor any of their employees or contractors, makes any warranty, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, or assumes any legal liability for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness, of this information.

To work correctly, this web page requires that JavaScript be enabled in your browser.

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Trade futures or forex Contact author only. In this project, soil samples were collected in two long-term agricultural field experiments in temperate Switzerland and tropical Kenya climates. Progressing degradation of agricultural soil demands a change to more sustainable cropping systems accounting for crops that can sustain the soil health. Oases are the main driver of arid areas economy in this region. Total N was on average 1. We evaluated this potential for Queensland Australia by collating and analysing information on organic amendments and by modelling soil organic carbon sequestration with the FullCAM model in three different cropping locations.
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Streaming forex rates The potential for enhancing soil carbon levels through the use of organic soil amendments in Queensland, Australia. Sewage sludge from wastewater treatment plants or farm biosolids can be used as a source of organic matter to improve soil quality. Different crops wheat, potato, soy, grass, and maize are grown in rotation. The project aims at developing the use of organic amendments based on local agriculture wastes, and more specifically the date palm residues, as a key tool in land restoration. Soil organic matter SOM plays an important role in conservation and restoration of soil fertility, as it is able to ameliorate physical, chemical and biochemical soil properties preventing erosion, increasing porosity, water-holding capacity and cation exchange capacity. Treated wastewater is due to a water scarcity also used for irrigation.
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The group was behind an online trading platform for financial services with binary options. Europol set up an Operational Task Force to. SSS · Presentations: Mon, 23 May | Room /48 · Please decide on your access · Forward to presentation link · Please decide on your access. Dataset Title: Global Ocean, In Situ Observation Copernicus (Copernicus Fishing Observing Institution: IFREMER (Dataset ID: copernicus-fos).