the method of doubling on forex
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The method of doubling on forex

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I simply used the doubled figure as my objective. Doing so made it easier for me to make more realistic plans. Lastly, I learned that every stage requires different strategies to achieve the goal. This proves the importance of continually educating ourselves. I believe that our level of financial literacy is the prime factor that determines how much we can achieve financially in our lives.

Good post! Creative, and kulit pero galing! This blog is really worth the time! Thanks everyone for the compliments. Mas nai-inspire ako magsulat kapag nakaka-receive ako ng ganyang comments. Great post. I really like the idea of setting a goal of doubling what you have each time. As far as how to get there goes, I prefer online money making systems myself because the investment cost is so low. If you can afford the risk, then perhaps this is something worth your time.

As usual, my knowledge about financial management widened as I read your post. Thanks for sharing! Still possible. Just read this past article of mine about doubling your money. I have used it here in the Philippines, substituting pesos for pennies. In fact, I tell my young troops they actually have an an advantage over American kids because they are beginning with double the amount. One peso is a little over two US cents as I type this.

Answering your question of what to do with the PK: I would invest at least half into our primary business and the rest into a brokerage account approved to trade options. Beautiful Bride is a good steward so I sleep well with her at the helm of the business!!! The remaining funds would be used to open a trading account approved to trade option contracts. You can start by selling only one covered call position on an inexpensive stock or ETF.

Alternatively, you may also sell put options and as long as you are not assigned, you collect interest on your capital and the premium for selling the put option. You do not need to own the stock for selling put options. When you have accumulated enough premiums to cover a second position you are on your way! Now you collect two premiums with each push of the button. Again, you can also choose to sell put options and earn money without purchasing the underlying.

Option selling is, bar none, my very favourite strategy. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. Tags become a millionaire how to be a millionaire Life Lessons millionaire Mindsetting money. Nice post! Very inspiring, I hope every Filipinos will have this way of thinking. For an example of how this system works, see the spreadsheet below.

A Metatrader money management tool to keep your account within healthy risk limits. It gives an overall risk score by factoring in all of the holdings, the account size, and market conditions. The second option uses a swing strategy , and involves managing trade pairs individually. This can work if volatile, whipsaw price action is expected. In this case, profit targets are set on each trade pair. Experimentation is the key to success with this strategy: The precise setup of the grid will depend on market conditions and the time frame being traded.

For longer time frames, the grid interval, stop loss, and take profit all increase. The buy market and sell market trades start off the dual grid system. So from then, on the long side our stop orders execute when the market rises above the current level. These orders open into the trend. Our buy limit orders execute if the market goes below the current level. These trade against the trend. The opposite happens with the sell orders.

The sell limit order fires when the market rises, and our sell stops trigger if the market falls. See Figure 2 for how this plays out in a typical situation. As you can see from the test results in the table below, I tested both with and without stop-losses with mixed results. I also included a cut-off so if the grid fell below pips, where I closed all positions. If you want to try your own scenarios you can download the Excel workbook. The workbook generates all price data — just enter in your trading set up and press F9 to run the scenario.

Trade management is easier when the two grids are treated as separate systems. This is because they have well defined profit and loss boundaries. This helps in deciding if one side of the grid should be closed, either at a take profit point or at a stop loss. As the two grids are mirrors of one another, conditions where one side profits will cause the other side to suffer and vice versa.

My preferred option is to have a profit target and maximum stop level for the two sides. This ebook is a must read for anyone using a grid trading strategy or who's planning to do so. Grid trading is a powerful trading methodology but it's full of traps for the unwary. This new edition includes brand new exclusive material and case studies with real examples. When managing the trades individually, the question comes as to where to place the stops and take profits.

Simply because the stop loss is a nearer threshold to cross. Each trade pair is hedged up until the point one side is closed. So if your stop losses are wider than your take profit, this can mean a higher percentage of your trades end up in profit simply from swings in the market.

But the risk to this is that the grid can suffer greater drawdown. Average entry rates can be calculated at each step each time a new trade is opened. I started each run at price level 1. A take profit target of pips was set. No stop loss was used. My first run of the strategy gave a positive result. As can be seen from the chart in Figure 3, the price bobs up and down across most of the grid levels in the top half, and we achieved 2 take-profits on the trades.

The others ended with mixed profits and losses. Overall the net profit was In this run, the buy orders at the top of the grid were executed. But the profit on the longs were offset by the short positions on both sides of the grid. So the overall loss was pips in this case. Thank you for your very knowledgeable article regarding Grid trading. I would be great if you could provide a guide line as to what would be the most advantageous facilities and settings to look for in an EA.

I have downloaded your Basic dual grid demo and the Advanced grid demo Excel can you comment on why each time i run the demo i get different results or am i looking at this demo from the wrong prospective.