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Forex factory renko chart and smoothed red point financial group

Forex factory renko chart and smoothed

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It can be seen as a bar, but with the difference, that it has a fixed size. This fixed size can be set to any value the trader likes and will be the same value for up and down. As an example, we look at Figure 1. Figure 1: Renko bricks are formed regardless of the amount of time, but only from a distance. Let's discuss the methods to select an optimal brick size later. For now, we choose a brick-size to be e. At every change in the price of 10 pips in the up or down direction, a new up brick Dodger Blue color or down brick Indian Red color will be created.

The timespan, which takes to create one brick, can be any from a few seconds to many hours. We can see from 3 and 4, that a price reversal is only occurring after double the brick-size. The way, Renko charts are constructed, offers the big advantage of filtering out the noise on the chart. Brick's open and close acts like a boundary for a price movement within a given range, the brick-size.

As long as the price ranges between these boundaries, be it a few seconds or even days, no new bricks will be formed. This will give us smooth, noise-filtered charts. Noise on the chart can clutter up our charts very fast and block the view to spot important market structure. Chart formations like double tops, trends, reversals and consolidation areas can easily spot with a blink of an eye, as can be seen in Figure 2.

Like mentioned before, Renko charts take time out of the equation. As the charts are only based on real price action, bricks will only be plotted, if there is a specific movement in price. This filters out noise created by tight price ranges or congestion zones. If there is no price movement at all, the charts will not get cluttered up by small bars or Dojis like with time-based charts. A finer grained chart can be produced by decreasing, a course gained chart by increasing the brick size.

The programming complexity of indicators, strategies and pattern recognition is also eased with a substantial amount, as any brick has the same size. Renko charts don't use volume at all. So any trader, which relies on volume or trades would need to add some additional studies like Cluster Footprint chart type mechanisms to them.

The forming of a brick could take seconds or even days, depending on the brick size. This might be an issue for traders, who rely on a guaranteed time frame because a new bar will appear. Indicators, which rely on time-based calculations, cannot be used for Renko charts, as there is no time factor involved, but only a particular price range. Price movement is the only variable for creating new bricks. So the timespan, in where new bricks are created, can be very different throughout time.

This can be seen in Figure 3a and Figure 3b. The Renko chart has an irregular time-axis compared to the Candle Stick chart, as price movement was not the same throughout the time span. Figure 3a: Regular time axis has predetermined time intervals. Figure 3b: Renko charts have irregular time axis.

Tight spreads are always to go for. So if you have direct market access, you should favor it to spread markup. Tight spreads will allow closer stops and smaller brick sizes if you are used to short time frames like M5 or even M1. Based on experience, your brick-size should be at least five times, or even ten times, of your spread.

If the brick-size is not acceptable to the spread, the bricks won't give price enough room to breath and bricks will be plotted because of the spread, and not necessarily overall price movement itself. An example can be seen in Figure 4. If your trading platform supports plotting Renko charts based on ticks, always use it in favor to time aggregation. Only tick based Renko charts will give you the full benefit of correct price movement. Time aggregation creates Renko bricks after the time passed you chose for the aggregation.

The difference can be seen in Figure 5. Such a setup bring a time dependency into a time-independent chart type. This will give wrong results for indicators and calculations as you can see in the dashed yellow line having a different slope. Choose the minimum time aggregation your trading platform supports if there is no tick support for Renko charts. There are three ways of how Renko charts can be implemented and are offered by various charting packages:.

This form just stacks the individual bricks on top or below of each other as seen in Figure 3b. With this form, pullbacks are not smoothed out that much and reversals are harder to spot than with other types. The Median Renko chart or Mean Renko chart has an artificial open shown with a yellow dashed line as seen in Figure 6.

This open is in the middle of a Brick. When a Brick is closed, there will already be the half of the new Brick plotted on the chart. Median Renko smoothes out the chart more than Classic Renko. They will show fewer pullbacks and trend reversals are easier to spot as seen in Figure 7. The Geometric Renko has an artificial open shown with a yellow dashed line as in Figure 8. This open is at the extension and inversion percentage, e.

One special property of these Renko form is, that when using an extension and inversion percentage of As seen in Figure 9, Geometric Renko will give you very smooth reversals, and the charts are smooth out more than with Median Renko. The Turbo Renko has an artificial open shown with a yellow dashed line as seen in Figure This open is at the extension, e. This smooths out the majority of pullbacks and only shows high probability reversals as seen in Figure Price has to reverse by a complete brick to form a reversal, illustrated as the dashed bricks in Figure As you can see, there are multiple different forms of Renko charts besides the Classic form.

Each of it can be used for various needs like smoothing out noise, smoothing out pullbacks or emphasize on reversals. The common between all of the forms is their independence to time, their ability to smooth out the chart and the possibility to spot market structure and price patterns at a glance. Have not tried PTMC yet? There is no better way to boost knowledge than to use it!

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It is simple to set up and is based on the price of the stock or forex or futures. You can also use the ATR as your brick size. The advantage of this method is that it factors in changes in price volatility. If your charting platform does not allow a dynamic input for brick size, you might need to code it up yourself. With the bricks on a Renko chart, you can spot price clusters quickly. These clusters are great demand and supply zones.

A simple guideline is to look for boxes formed by alternating bricks within a price range. Taking profits is often stressful due to market noise. You will find the smoothness of a Renko chart helpful here. The chart above example shows the break of a bear trend line. Candlestick charts are updated at fixed intervals. So you know when to check your charts to update your analysis.

However, for Renko charts, you need to check on the chart constantly. If not, consider setting audio alerts to remind you to review the chart when a new brick forms. You should always refer to a regular price chart for actual trading. Hence, you cannot make use of short-term price patterns bar and candlestick patterns. However, Renko charts work well with chart patterns. In a nutshell, Renko charts are suitable for big picture analysis. But fine tuning entries is not its strength. For that, traditional candlestick charts are superior.

You can check out the following platforms. Ninjatrader 7 and 8 — The charts in this article are created by NinjaTrader 7 which is free for simulation trading. NinjaTrader 8 is the latest version. You need access to tick data to plot Renko charts. TradeStation — A popular trading platform that offers reliable Renko charting. Click here and select SharpCharts.

TradingView — My favorite online charting platform. User-friendly with Renko charting ability.

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Here is the recent chart: It's a mixed picture.. Huge move - ranging period - small trends.. Pips. Attached Image (click. It produces normal Renko, median Renko and geometric Renko charts. My observation so far is that it is quite smooth and very light and no freezing. Enter a breakout, look for a smoothed out peak on 1H renko. check back to candle chart and positions SL below candle low/high. I am noticing.