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Forex precog peace army forum

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Hi KimJ. I am curious about your progress with the TrendProfiteer system to date? I too will be using a demo account, but I have not made the investment of the system yet. I bought another indicator, that was recommended by Michael of all people, called Trend Mystery.

I want to get it set up and see how it works. Please reply at your convenience. Thank you. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Contents 1 Trend Profiteer Review 1. Overall 2. Comments Rating 0 0 reviews.

Pros Semiautomatic trading Trend based strategy. Cons No verified results High price Poor client feedback. Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. The film itself is much darker and more brutal than that. This sort of backfired for the movie 40 Days and 40 Nights.

The commercials also made it look like it was a light romantic comedy or a chick flick where the guy meets a nice girl. What the commercials omit is that he was supposed to not have sex for Lent, or do anything remotely sexual , which probably would have made Matt more sympathetic to audiences. Not to mention a large part of the plot is that his friends are taking bets on whether he will make it which causes more problems when various people try to win the bet.

The original teaser did flat-out state, "No self-gratification" and even "no kissing". Maybe it was the only one. The trailer for About Time suggests that Tim and Mary's entire relationship is eradicated from the timeline, but actually it's only their first meeting. Furthermore, the trailer gives the impression that he erases their meeting by going back in time to prevent his father from dying in a car accident. In fact, it's his sister, not his father, who's involved in a non-fatal car accident, and it happens much later in the movie.

His father does eventually die, of lung cancer, but there's nothing he can do to prevent it. The trailers for The Adjustment Bureau suggested that Thompson Terence Stamp is the primary Adjuster, when really he's only in the second half for four or five scenes. The primary Adjuster is Richardson, played by John Slattery.

Although, Terence Stamp stole the show anyway. Admission 's trailer is all about an uptight college admissions officer Tina Fey meeting an easy-going alternative school principal Paul Rudd and falling in love, with an odd moment where she really wants to hold a woman's baby. That's actually important since the reason he wanted to meet her in the first place was because one of his students is the son she gave up for adoption in college , which is either glossed over or not mentioned at all in the trailers.

The actual film had several actiony scenes, but tone-wise was more in line with the original Rocky and Bullwinkle show. Furthermore, the trailers also had Bullwinkle saying things like "I'm King of the world!

In the actual scenes, he doesn't say anything, and he says "What's the difference? Some people thought it was going to be a raunchy teen comedy, and that the trailer that played on Oxygen which played up the romance was the one that lied—after all, it surely must be yet another Token Romance , right? Turns out, their relationship does drive the movie, and the movie as a whole was much more subtle and melancholy than was advertised. It was an excellent movie, but don't go in expecting Superbad set in an amusement park.

It showed an Alien egg floating towards Earth with the line, "In , we discovered in space, no one can hear you scream. In , we would discover on Earth, everyone can hear you scream By the time the movie was actually made, the final film was Sure, the Aliens would eventually get to Earth, just not exactly the way most fans would have liked. The trailer for AVP: Alien vs. Predator showed an epic moment where three predators were fighting off a handful of aliens.

But as the camera moved back that handful turned to thousands of aliens. While this is in the movie, it is only shown in a flashback as one of the main character theorizes that's what had happened in ancient times.

The movies also made the plot go along the lines of badass hunter vs badass creature, with poor humans thrown in the middle. The first Predator dies without any real screen time against an Alien. And the third gets impregnated by a facehugger, setting up the plot for the second movie. The only time Aliens and Predators fought was with the second Predator.

Alien: Covenant : Several of the trailers and prologue clips have sequences that don't appear in the film itself , and suggest the film is going to be much more character-driven. While she's still a resourceful individual in the film proper, she tends to use creative solutions to kill the aliens and isn't ever seen fighting them on her own. One of the trailers for Alvin and the Chipmunks showed a scene where Dave finds something that he thinks is poop that came from Theodore.

Alvin tells Dave that it's a raisin, Dave tells Alvin to prove it, and Alvin puts it in his mouth. After Dave leaves, Alvin spits out the poop and says to Theodore, "You owe me big time! Not only that, but the trailer shows the chipmunks all wearing their trademark shirts in this scene, while in the film version, this takes place before the chipmunks even get their shirts. The first TV trailer for The Squeakquel shows the Chipmunks stopping and seeing the Chipettes singing onstage, and falling in love with them.

In the actual flick, said scene was their number from the sing-off competition which doesn't happen until much later. Also, the Chipettes weren't the girls Alvin flirted with during the lunch scene unlike one of the trailers which shows such. As a bonus, Dave wasn't around when the 'Munks spun around in a blender, and they used the scene where he gets re-injured at the very end of the movie.

In the actual movie, Theodore sings it at a golf course in front of Miles. A rather infamous sing-along trailer also for The Road Chip edits scenes to make it look like that Theodore farts constantly when he only does so once. To an arguably higher extent, there's also a scene edited to make it seem that Simon farts once, but he never does so.

He does have a Bring My Brown Pants moment in an airport, though. The trailers for The Amazing Spider-Man include voice-overs of lines that don't occur in the movie, including lines hinting at plots that didn't occur in the film at all. Do you have any idea what you really are? It's been hinted that these were cut, due to negative fan reception about the "secret story" concept.

Or how about Conners tempting Peter with news about his parents. They did it again with the trailers for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 including some ominous lines cut and making all of the villains other than Electro appear to have more prominent roles than they actually do.

The trailer has a scene where Harry reveals that Oscorp has Peter under surveillance, as well as some lines from Norman Osborn implying that he and Harry have sinister plans for Peter. In reality, Harry doesn't become The Green Goblin until near the end and then fights Spider-Man for about 5 minutes, while Norman dies very early on and never conspires with Harry or threatens Peter.

The Rhino doesn't show up until the very last scene in the movie and while the trailer makes it look like we get to see them fight, we only get to see the start of it. The final image of the movie Spider-Man swinging around a manhole cover is in the trailer, yet we don't even get to see if it hits Rhino or not. At least some of these discrepancies are due to the film being heavily changed in the editing room, with parts of the film being reshot and others being dropped altogether. In yet another example involving George Clooney, The American was promoted as an action-packed thriller in the vein of the Bourne films.

It's actually a very introspective drama about the life of a hired assassin, punctuated only by brief bursts of action. The trailer for Angel Eyes plays the film as a supernatural thriller where the character of Catch played by Jim Caviezel is implied to be either a resurrected entity a la Meet Joe Black or is hiding a dark secret which he's hiding from Jennifer Lopez 's character and could prove to be fatal. But in reality, the film is a romantic drama where the "dark secret" is simply the fact that Catch lost his family in a tragic accident — a plot point that's also spoiled in the trailer.

Annapolis is implied to be a Full Metal Jacket style film about a U. Navy trainee that struggles in the face of a vicious, brutal academy, before being deployed to on his first mission. The "difficult training" aspect is actually in the film Then the remainder is actually about a boxing tournament at the academy. Also there are war scenes in the trailer that are not in the actual film. The Apparition has a trailer with more of a plot than the finished film has - implying the evil whatsit will only attack people once they start believing in it, an interesting concept not present in the movie.

The trailer for Arachnophobia used lighthearted music and put major focus on John Goodman's role as a quirky exterminator, making it look to be a lighthearted comedy. Turns out that while there are comedic scenes, the film is basically nightmare fuel or considering the film is about spiders, would that be nightmare venom?

L'Argent : The trailer consists entirely of shots of men getting money out of ATMs and into their jackets; we see hands but no faces. This suggests the film is about some kind of ATM fraud. The film is in fact an updating of Tolstoy short story about a forged coupon and ATMs are almost irrelevant to the movie's plot. The trailer can be viewed on YouTube; the video has one comment sarcastically stating the trailer has too many spoilers. Artemis Fowl : The trailer implies Holly Short is working with Artemis of her own free will, possibly as a double agent.

She helps him eventually but it begins as a kidnapping. The trailer implies it's Artemis and his father practicing kendo. It's actually Butler and Juliet. The trailer for the Arthur remake has this pretty bad.

The trailer makes it look like Jennifer Garner is playing the Liza Minnelli role and a random actress in one scene is playing the fiancee. As Good as It Gets looked like it would have had a George Carlin type character using more cynical observations and one liners than the one in the preview.

The subplot hijacking the main plot didn't help. The Assistant : The trailer makes the film look like a thriller instead of the extremely minimalist and subtle Day in the Life drama that it is. The trailers for August: Osage County depict it as a heartwarming comedy-drama about a family who bicker but love each other deep down.

In the actual film, the family genuinely hate each other, and the plot is thoroughly tragic due to the fall-out from their mutual loathing. Back to the Future : The first film was released at a time where the most successful comedies were raunchy R-rated affairs e. Porky's , Revenge of the Nerds. Thus, many trailers featured the line "You mean my mom has the hots for me?! Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale have spoken negatively about this in interviews. With Back to the Future Part II , Zemeckis and Gale were displeased with how it was sold as a standalone film, when it was really the first part of a two-part movie.

They blame this for its box-office decline, starting out strong, but quickly going down over time. A trailer for Back to the Future Part III included what appeared to be Marty shooting at Doc Brown, knocking his hat off, which turns out to be two unrelated bits of the film. Bandslam is actually more of an indie coming of age teen dramedy like Juno or Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist , not the spiritual sequel to the High School Musical franchise the trailers made it out to be.

A serious backfire, as the film seriously bombed despite relatively good reviews. In the UK, early TV spots for Beastly tried to make it look like Twilight by making the main character look like a supernatural being instead of a human under a curse. Thing is, what actually happens is that Lena tells her to get out, and then Ridley screams in anger that she's so sick of everyone treating Lena like she's special, to which Lena coldly replies "I said, get away from my boyfriend, you witch.

The trailers for Beetlejuice make Michael Keaton appear to be the main character, even making him sound like the top-billed star. In reality, the lead characters are played by Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin. While the film is named after Beetlejuice, and the character is a major driving force of the plot, Keaton has only 20 minutes of screen time.

In yet another example of a non-comedy starring a comedian marketed as a comedy, there's the Robin Williams film Being Human no relation. The trailer made it look like it was going to be another one of those "sweet-but-unlucky Robin" movies, and hey, the premise was the story of the same man through different periods of history, that makes for good comedy. But the movie was really a drama. And it was boring. And now it's more or less forgotten. Since Jack's character is crazy, it sounds sensible to think he comes up with the Zany Scheme Jack's line is in there Heck, the fact that the trailer concentrates solely on the sweding , and not at all on the Fats Waller and community spirit angles.

The trailer made it appear that the major plotline of the movie was an idiot comedy about Jack Black and Mos Def trying to keep their neighbors from figuring out that the sweded films aren't the originals. The marketing for the Australian-American holiday horror film Better Watch Out makes the film look like a horror-tinged spin on Home Alone where a babysitter and her charges are tormented by home invaders.

What is the movie itself actually about? It's the heartwarming tale about a violent, sociopathic boy who tries to seduce his teenage babysitter, stages a break-in with his friend and holds her hostage. Bicentennial Man : The trailers suggest this will be another goofy Robin Williams comedy, this one about a household robot. Trailers emphasized the time Andrew spends living with the Martins, but he actually moves out before the film is halfway over and is a drama about Andrew's long-term transformation into a human being.

It also emphasized that Chris Columbus was directing, after his success with Mrs. Even now the movie is often put in the children's, family, and comedy sections, despite its profanity, sex, and being a romantic drama questioning the definitions of humanity. Billion Dollar Brain ; the trailer gives the impression the film is a science-fiction movie about an evil computer that attempts to take over the world; in fact it's about an incompetent British ex- MI-5 agent Michael Caine who stumbles across a Texan oil billionaire's attempt to foment counter-revolution in Latvia; the eponymous computer is used to run his business empire and only appears in one brief scene.

The trailer for the version of Black Christmas was full of interesting scenes, like a girl getting dragged by Christmas lights, or another one being trapped under the ice The studio went behind the director's back to make those scenes ; he was pissed when he found out. The scenes in question can be found here , compiled from all the promotional material.

Black Sea is centered around a submarine crew searching for lost Nazi gold in the titular sea. In the trailer, it is mentioned that that whenever someone is killed, their share of the money increases, implying that everyone is out to get one another over greed. In reality, one's killed out of frustration, and all the other deaths are due to on-ship accidents. Black Swan. Nearly every clip in the trailer is used in entirely different context in the film itself.

UK trailers for The Blind Side contain nary a hint of a sporting connection. Now that takes some doing. However, while Hoffman's character is certainly prominent, most members of the main cast are more involved in the plot, though the story of Carl played by Tom Sturridge is perhaps given the most attention. The trailer in question can be found here.

For contrast, watch a more accurate trailer here. While Karloff does have a prominent role, Lugosi has a minor part as a janitor. The trailer for Boogie Nights made it look like a constantly fun, largely dance-oriented romp with lots of sex thrown in for good measure. The film is a very great deal more dark and downbeat than that and there isn't all that much dancing. The Book of Eli is a fairly understated, slow-burn drama about the different attitudes towards faith of two men, with a couple of extremely brief skirmishes and a scene of a siege in an old house.

The trailer sets it up as an action packed Fallout 3 -esque series of blades, blood and exploding trucks, using pretty much all of the combat footage in the entire film spliced together. The trailer for The Boondock Saints includes a clip of Willem Dafoe's character saying "This could just be the first international mob war," or something to that effect. That line is indeed in the movie, but then three minutes later his theory is shot down. The trailer for Bowfinger completely omits the main premise of the movie: that Eddie Murphy's character, action superstar Kit Ramsey, doesn't know that Bowfinger's film crew are secretly filming him so he can "star" in their no-budget science fiction movie.

Instead the trailer focuses almost entirely on the goofier moments with Eddie Murphy's other character Jiff, possibly trying to capitalise on the popularity of Murphy's movie The Nutty Professor A TV spot on the Sci-Fi Channel for Brazil consisted entirely of scenes from Sam's dream sequences , without any hint of the Orwellian future the movie actually takes place in. The trailer for Bridesmaids makes it look like a typical raunchy comedy with the same two jokes used over and over: Kristen Wiig is single and Kristen Wiig is an alcoholic.

The actual film is much deeper and quite depressing at times but still manages to be funny there is also more of a variety in humor. Fans of the book will know Bridge to Terabithia is not a fantasy adventure story, as depicted in the trailers for the movie, but more of a tale about bonding between two friends who create an imaginary fantasy to cope with their troubles.

The screenwriters have stated that they are not pleased with the way the film was marketed, and the actual movie proved to be much more faithful to the book. The trailers for Brightburn made it look like Brandon Breyer's fall into darkness was in part due to bullying and teachers being apathetic about it, with an example being him pushed around during gym class.

In the film itself, it's clear that he was always disturbed. As for that gym scene, he was actually engaged in a trust fall exercise and the girl who called him "a creep" actually called him "a pervert " in the film and was well within reason to call him such. It was felt that its marketing portrayed it too much as a Sixth Sense- style supernatural I-see-dead-people plot, which it very much wasn't the marketing clearly missed the point.

It's probably one of the most critically acclaimed movies ever to reach the other wiki's "List of biggest box office bombs". The trailer for Bronco Billy made it look like a pure comedy, adding silly music and cartoon sound effects, as did the rest of the marketing. But the IMDB doesn't list it as a comedy, and they're right. With Clint Eastwood starring and directing, it's so much more serious than it looks.

All the trailers Bruce Almighty make it out to be non-stop Godly antics, leaving out the part where about half an hour after Bruce gets his powers, the film becomes a soppy love story. The film adaptation of the play Bug is a psychological thriller about a woman getting a new boyfriend and going insane. Yet, it was advertised as a horror film about bugs underneath your skin The marketing for Bunny and the Bull made it look like a zany Road Trip Plot comedy, and a pretty weak spin-off of The Mighty Boosh to boot every single trailer and advertisement reminded us not-so-subtly that it was by the director of the Boosh, and featured the shows' lead actors, Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt.

This probably made BATB more successful in the UK than it would otherwise have been, as the Mighty Boosh has a dedicated enough following to give pretty much anything associated with it a sizable popularity boost. But it was still hugely misrepresented by its advertising, and was far more dark, gritty and sombre in tone and content than the Boosh had ever been. There were humorous moments, but to call it a comedy would be wildly inaccurate.

Also, Barratt and Fielding were not major characters as the adverts seemed to suggest and had only relatively small cameos. It was actually still a very good film on its own account, but some of those who went into it expecting "Mighty Boosh: The Movie" were sorely disappointed. The trailers for Buried depicted the film as being a Saw -esque thrill ride. It's really more of an arthouse-type thriller in the vein of Hitchcock's Rope with Ryan Reynolds being the only actor onscreen.

Not surprisingly, there were many walkouts at showings from people being fooled by the marketing and the film never went past limited release. One scene in the trailer shows Reynolds realising that a person on the phone knows his name despite his not having given it. The trailer frames it as a shocking revelation the sort you wouldn't want spoiled by a trailer, frankly.

In the film it turns out there's a wholly mundane explanation, which is provided almost immediately. You would be absolutely forgiven if you assumed, from the ads, that Burn After Reading was a wacky comedy starring Brad Pitt and George Clooney. Bye Bye Love , while it still qualifies as a romantic comedy, is much darker and more thoughtful than its trailer would imply , although this is partly a matter of dramatic pacing. It's advertised as a straight horror film.

Ironically, this is one of the few films where it could be argued that this is exactly the mindset the viewer should have before watching the film. The Cable Guy : Even though the trailers made it clear that Jim Carrey would be the villain, it still looked like one of his usual slapstick comedic roles this was , before his career diversified. It's actually a Black Comedy verging on psychological horror.

To be fair, the movie itself didn't seem entirely sure what genre it was. Neil Simon's California Suite combines comedy and drama as it tracks several sets of characters, one of which is a couple whose marriage is going down in flames. The film was advertised as a straight comedy, focusing on the funnier storylines with none of the anguish even mentioned.

The trailer for The Campaign , as with most trailers for R-rated comedies, tones down the language a little and has some instances of Curse Cut Short and other creative editing, including the line "I let the goat lick my wiener", which in the film itself is "I let the goat lick my penis". The biggest difference is a scene where Marty shoots Cam in the leg on a hunting excursion.

In the trailer, it's with a crossbow but in the film, it's with an actual hunting rifle. Case 39's trailer essentially gives the plot to a completely different movie: it insinuates that the young girl protagonist is stalked by a demonic force when in reality she IS the demonic force, and several scenes in the trailer are, like many examples before it, not in the film or there in a completely different context.

There's one which states that the church has investigated 38 cases of supernatural activity, and this is the 39th It's so overt that Phelous even comments on it in his review of it. The trailer for Casper showed various scenes featuring Casper's hyperactive uncles, letting on that they were the main antagonists and the plot would be mostly them battling the human protagonists. Casshern is a slow, plodding Deconstruction of the Toku genre and carries a strong message about the pointlessness of violence.

Catfish 's trailer is so notoriously misleading it has become fairly famous for it. It markets the film as a mockumentary-style thriller. The actual story is a bit less exciting: The woman met on Facebook is actually a middle-aged woman who has created several false personas on the internet. A bit of a twist, but hardly a Hitchockian thriller as it was promoted.

Chairman is a spy movie about sneaking into Mao Zedong 's residence to steal a top secret plan. Its tagline is " Gregory Peck turned into a lethal weapon Wrong, the top secret plan is for a enzyme that can improve grain productions to feed everyone in China.

Trailers for Chasing Amy make it look like the plot is a man fruitlessly chasing after a lesbian who isn't even named Amy , as it turns out ; he gets her halfway through, and the bulk of the movie is an exploration of sexual self-definition. Trailers made Click out to be another low brow Adam Sandler comedy. In actuality, it's a fairly depressing drama about a man being forced to skip through his own life as he grows old and dies.

The trailer for Rob Schneider's movie 'The Chosen One' makes it seem like it is another dumb lowbrow comedy, similar to his earlier works like Deuce Bigalow and The Animal. Instead it is a really slow drama about a man overcoming depression. The trailer grossly misrepresents scenes from the movie, like one where Schneider's character briefly sings Karaoke in a bar, with the trailer presenting it as a funny scene, when the actual scene is very slow and completely different to its trailer representation.

The trailer for Close Encounters of the Third Kind includes a scene where Air Traffic Control is trying to contact an airliner which has just had a near-miss with a mysterious object, asking them if they want to report a UFO. There's no reply, only a long silence, making the audience think that the airliner has been snatched or even destroyed by the object. In the actual film, the crew eventually do respond: they've been thinking over whether making a UFO report is worth the trouble.

The trailer for Cold Creek Manor made it seem like the house was haunted. Instead, it was just some crazy guy messing with the family when we want both , we know where to go. Subverted in the trailer for the Will Smith film Collateral Beauty , which made it look like a weeper about a man who'd suffered a loss finding a coping mechanism by writing letters addressed to "Love, Death and Time", only to have the physical personifications of all three concepts begin showing up, helping him through his trauma.

The film couldn't be further from this. The only thing the film and trailer have in common is Will Smith, having lost his daughter, writing letters to Love, Death and Time. His employees, fearing that his erratic behavior will cost them their company, plan to have him declared mentally unfit so that they can oust him from the company without losing business. The method they choose accomplish this is to hire actors to play Love, Death and Time, surreptitiously film him speaking with them, then digitally remove the actors so that it will look like he's talking to thin air.

However, at the end of the film, the three "actors" turn out to be the personifications of the three concepts, who are helping the co-workers just as much as they were helping Smith's character. The trailer for the Troma film Combat Shock toted it as being a Rambo-style bloodbath, though the film itself was more of a psychological horror. Troma likes to do this on all of their movies.

Mostly because they want to the biggest audience possible but also because Lloyd Kaufman likes to play jokes on the viewers. The trailer for the movie Congo claims that the adventurers will find the missing link between man and ape. Of course no such thing happens. In fact both characters are veterans and have been working together for a long time, and Morgan's character though indeed the less gritty of the two is still definitely a proper detective.

In reality, aside from the prologue, Callum spends the entire movie in prison. The latest Sherwood Pictures release Courageous features a brief montage of scenes at the end of the trailer following a speech by Adam Mitchell part of Albany's Sheriff's Department calling on the men to be strong fathers the crux of the movie.

One of the clips involves another officer, Shane Fuller, hanging with his son. In the actual movie, by the time the speech is made, Shane is in prison for stealing drugs from the evidence room to be sold in exchange for cash. The film itself is very light on horror, to the point it's more of a high school dramedy blended with fantasy.

None of the girls are presented as doing anything dark or immoral with their powers either; Lily is called out for casting a love spell on Timmy, who subsequently commits suicide , but she never becomes a truly dark person and it's revealed his death is unrelated to her spell.

The entire marketing campagin for Crimson Peak positions the film as a horror movie. While there are a few horror-style scares sprinkled throughout, the movie's actually a gothic romance period drama that happens to have ghosts in it - ghosts who are not the villains and in fact do nothing of importance to the plot aside from pointing to a room for the lead to investigate and providing one distraction. The mild rating is actually justified in the film itself, as it's more murder mystery than slasher and one of the biggest questions is whether or not anyone has been killed at all.

The trailers and TV spots for The Cursed tended to focus on a sapient, corpse-like scarecrow. While it is a part of the plot, said scarecrow is actually only alive for a Nightmare Sequence or two. The real threats are werewolves. The trailer for Cyrus makes it seem like much more of a laugh out loud comedy than it really is. The actual movie, while not devoid of humour, is more of a low key, downbeat drama about lonely damaged people. The trailer for the Kurt Russell cop thriller Dark Blue does it in a twofold manner.

First by making the movie seem like a non-stop urban action movie, while it's a character study of an incredibly dirty Cowboy Cop Russell with a deteriorating private life and investigations into his professional conduct who slowly comes to see the error of his ways, and how his lifestyle and those of others like him had a helping hand in shaping the social climate in Los Angeles prior to the riots. Second by significantly overstating Ving Rhames ' role and presenting him as the main antagonist.

Funny enough, the poster gives a much better indication of the film's content. The Dark Knight Trilogy : A television commercial for Batman Begins attempted to appeal to female audiences by playing Nickelback 's "Someday" over shots of Bruce Wayne and Rachel Dawes looking at each other longingly. Not only did the TV spot spoil one of the climactic scenes of the movie revealing that Wayne Manor gets torched , but it played up the expectation that the entire film was a love story with a bit of action on the side.

While it does play a part in the plot, it's nowhere near the most prominent story thread. Additionally, the trailer states that Bruce "fights for family", which is While not terribly misleading, one trailer for The Dark Knight makes it look as though The Joker causes a truck to flip just by firing a machine gun.

The two moments happen during the same scene, but the one of the Joker shooting with the submachine gun happens after the truck flips over, and he's firing at cars on the street. Editing also made some parts of the Joker's dialogue misleading — in the actual movie his line "It's all part of the plan" is part of his monologue about how people like order while he never has a plan and the part where he says "And here The Dark Knight Rises is another big-timer: The dramatic exchange between Bruce and Alfred regarding the latter swearing to protect Bruce and failing does not come up in the actual scene.

Alfred utters similar lines, though, at the film's finale. The trailers make it appear that Selina Kyle and Bane are close allies, but in reality she's more or less blackmailed and intimidated into giving him occasional help. One trailer has Selina's line "You don't owe these people any more. You've given them everything! Given the above lie, you'd be forgiven for thinking Selina utters the line in defiance.

In fact, she is pleading desperately for Batman to not potentially risk himself in vain. That said, Batman's line "Not everything In an example of Never Trust a Leak , one of Selina's lines, when leaked out of context, made fans assume that she'd be allied with Bane. In reality, she says the line to deceive the actual flunkies of Bane.

Hines Ward, when outrunning the imploding field, doesn't drop his football in shock in the final film. In one trailer, Bane says "Let the games begin" when he's about to fight Batman. In the final film, he says this when he and his men are about to press the detonators that will blow up the football stadium and the bridges. The shots of the Bat and placement of Selina's and Bruce's banter inside it make it seem as if it's involved only in the climax of the film.

It actually debuts very early, when Batman is rescuing Selina from Bane right after the Stock Exchange attack. Bane's "when Gotham is ashes" line is said more slower and has a word or two added to it. This is a subversion: no such scene actually appears in the movie, although a similar scene appears in the script. Trailers for Tim Burton's Dark Shadows played up its Fish out of Temporal Water humor, which it has plenty of — but rather than a farce, it's a very archly-played drama with Black Comedy relief.

The Trailers from Hell commentary discusses this trope and what the film is actually like. The American version of Dark Water was advertised as a jump-a-minute teen shocker very much in the vein of The Ring. They went so far as to market it prominently as "from the author of The Ring ", when in reality it was loosely based on a short story by the same person who wrote the book The Ring was loosely based on.

The trailer relied on tricks like sped-up footage, scenes not present in the actual film, out of context dialogue, lots of droning sounds and quick-cut editing, and the use of every "jump" in the movie to further the notion it was a straightforward horror flick. While that's debatably true of the Japanese original, the American version is actually a slow, atmosphere-focused, dramatic psychological thriller that has far more character development than scares and has more in common with Rosemary's Baby than The Ring.

This is sometimes cited as the main reason for the split reviews and the film's box office failure. Television ads for the Day the Earth Stood Still remake have the tagline promise that humanity will heroically "Fight Back! In reverse, some of the ads imply that humanity is completely and totally doomed, and there is no point trying to fight back, making Klaatu look invincible.

All of the trailers for Dazed and Confused depict it as a Stoner Flick. In the actual film, only one character a supporting character is actually a stoner and instead the film is a coming of age film about different types of people in different cliques much of it told from the point of view of a 15 year old. The trailers also tended to play very somber music and philosophical voiceovers in order to make the film seem very intellectual and quiet.

However, the quiet moments showcased in those trailers are perhaps the only ones in the movie, which is in fact actually full of massive city destroying action. Some of the louder scenes were even dubbed over with sad music rather than the actual heroic themes during then. Suicide Squad somewhat infamously went through at least six different cuts before reaching theaters, which led to some very misleading trailers with a lot of unused footage.

Early trailers sold the film as an extremely dark and psychological thriller starring depraved and violent characters, with footage of Jared Leto as the Joker torturing Harley Quinn as a centerpiece. However, after the negative response to the dark tone of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and controversy around Leto's behavior on set, the movie was dramatically recut to be more lighthearted and almost all the Joker scenes were removed.

Later trailers were more lighthearted but still represented a very different movie than what was eventually released due to the sheer amount of unused footage. While it was among the Missing Trailer Scenes , the final trailer for Justice League had a bit where Clark noticed the engagment ring he'd intended to give Lois is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and framed it as a dream a still-grieving Lois was having.

In truth, given their clothes, it was clear that it was part of their reunion after the League brings Clark back. Despite its Kid-Appeal Character protagonist, it's actually one of DC's most violent films and it has more swearing and Flipping the Bird than most as well. Birds of Prey lied throughout its early marketing, as the trailers highlight Huntress, Black Canary and Renee Montoya alongside Harley Quinn making it seem like the movie would follow them coming together with Harley being the quirky Jack Sparrow-esque lead.

In actuality the whole film is about Harley with the titular Birds of Prey being secondary characters who only come together as a team right at the very end during the climax. Warner Brothers eventually changed to title to Birds of Prey: Harley Quinn to be better reflect the actual plot.

Zack Snyder's Justice League : The first trailer for the theatrical version of Justice League had a scene missing in which victor Stone seemingly before he became Cyborg walked in an alley wearing his GCU jacket and a yellow banner behind him. The banner turned out to be a Nazi swastika, the trailer suppressed it. In fact, the trailer contains just about all the action in the film as a result, spoiling the film's ending , when it's actually a much slower-paced social satire that can best be described as a punk cover-version of The Prisoner Deadpool 2 : The second trailer shows Yukio in the montage of X-Force members, indicating she is part of Wade's team.

The trailers also show scenes of Bedlam and Shatterstar fighting enemy forces. They never actually get to do that since they along with Peter, Zeitgeist and Vanisher die during the helicopter jump scene. In general, the marketing greatly played up the X-Force aspect and made it seem like assembling the team would be a major part of the film. In reality, the members of X-Force only appear in a handful of scenes before most of them are killed off in the aforementioned helicopter gag, leaving Deadpool and Domino as the only survivors.

The film is about no such thing and the one 1 Hell scene is a fantasy sequence showing you an idea for a novel that Woody's character Harry is describing to other people. Billy Crystal plays Satan in this scene because his actual character in the film is someone Harry hates. Defendor was marketed as a family-friendly comedy in the trailers, but the actual movie dealt with the implications of heroism , drug abuse, and prostitutes. Descendants : The first promo shows a scene in particular where Mal undos Jane's hair; the trailer presents her and messing with her out of spite, but in the actual flick, she reverts Jane's hair to the way it was before she enchanted it, because she's in a bad mood after Jane makes fun of her.

All of the promos for 3 build up Hades' role as a villain when he only has three sporadic parts of the film to advance the plot forward, and the actual villain of the movie is Audrey. The character named Celia is also presented as a villain, when she's actually one of the heroes. The trailer for Desperate Measures made Michael Keaton's character out to be, literally, Satan himself.

His statements, "I cannot be killed; I am immortal," and, "What are you going to do, shoot me, Frank? In actual fact the Keaton character is just a brilliantly devious human sociopath and the film has absolutely no supernatural angle whatsoever, even in subtext. A second trailer portrayed the film properly as the cat-and-mouse between the cop with a sick son and the criminal he has to keep alive in order to save him since he's a match for a bone marrow transplant.

Diary of a Mad Black Woman does this. The entire trailer portrays the antics of a crazy, elderly black woman, so the movie's title makes it seem like they're talking about a crazy black woman. Couldn't be farther from the truth; the only way those clips have any plot relevance is that the black woman seen in the trailer has a minor part in the plot. The movie is actually about a black woman who's angry aka, "mad" at her husband for cheating on her and throwing her out of the house, and her schemes at getting back at him.

To elaborate, the majority of the trailer shows the Tyler Perry character Madea, and her typical smart-ass comments. However, the actual story involved her granddaughter Helen. In fact, all of Madea's scenes in the trailer were almost all of her scenes in the movie. Die Hard 2 : The main trailer plays around with this. Early on it shows a group of soldiers loading their weapons and donning face masks while sinister music plays, implying they're the terrorists trying to take over the airport.

They're actually a platoon called in to take the terrorists down and the sequence is when they're preparing to go into combat with them. However, it turns out that they're in league with the terrorists and the "combat" they launch into is completely staged, which means this is actually a case of stealth foreshadowing. The Disappointments Room : The titular room is played up in the film's marketing. However, it barely appears in the movie, and a lot of the movie's events have very little to do with it.

Django Unchained 's trailers make it out to be an action-heavy Western about two bounty hunters killing their way up to the Big Bad. Just like Inglourious Basterds , however, the film itself is much more slow-moving and suspenseful, with bounty hunting taking a backseat during the second half of the film. It also implies the Brittle Brothers work directly for Candy, the Big Bad , when in reality, they're easily dispatched in Django's first successful bounty and have no relation to Candy - and Candy himself is a dimwitted idiot who's really manipulated by his slave, the real villain.

The fact that they were hiding from the Nazis was given only a token nod at the beginning. The Dilemma was advertised as a laugh-out-loud comedy. It does have some hilarious moments, but for the most part, the film is quite dark. The trailer for the made for TV film Disaster on the Coastliner shows two trains colliding head on. The collision does not occur in the actual film. The trailer for District 9 implies that the aliens just want to go home, and the humans won't let them.

Sure, in the film the aliens are shoved into a slum, but the 'going home' sentiment just isn't there among most of them. Plus, the scene featuring an alien being interrogated isn't in the film and was fabricated totally for the trailer. Trailers for Donnie Darko made it seem like the film was about an insane, homicidal teenager. Though the film teases the possibility that Donnie is crazy, it's a minor undercurrent.

All trailers and marketing campaign made a big deal of showing the audience that Dracula Untold would be about Dracula's Start of Darkness and show his descent into villainy. This never happens in the actual film, and he remains a hero all the way through. The trailers make Drag Me to Hell look like a straight horror film when it is really a horror-comedy in the vein of the Evil Dead movies.

The fact that it's directed by Sam Raimi , however, might be a tip-off One woman felt that this trope warranted a lawsuit when she felt misled by the trailer for Drive - which, in her opinion, had little to do with driving cars really fast and more to do with anti-Semitism. Duck, You Sucker!

The film starts off this way, initially centering around a bandit managing to get an Irish explosives expert to help him rob a bank. Then of course the aforementioned bank turns out to be a political prison, and John had tricked him into liberating a bunch of revolutionaries, making him a hero. After that point It's ironic when one considers that some of the more brutal moments are actually shown in the trailers among them a particularly unnerving scene where hundreds of revolutionaries are forced into ghettos, with soldiers standing on each side shooting them , and they still managed to make it look like it was fairly light-hearted.

Dead Man Down trailers made you believe it was a revenge flick of a scarred woman Noomi Rapace blackmailing a gangster's Terrence Howard number two Colin Farrell to help kill him for what happened to her face, while at the same time falling in love before it all goes to hell. In the film, Rapace is firmly a supporting character, and Farrell is trying to get his own revenge on Howard for unrelated reasons.

The trailer for Elysium heavily implies that Max's exosuit is what gives him the ability to override Elysium's system. It doesn't, but the virus it lets him download from Carlyle's brain does. It also implies some shots of Kruger are actually of Max such as Kruger's Power Walk when he begins the coup and specifically starts gunning for Max , and that Kruger is assisting the hero. The trailer also implied that Max's exosuit can remotely crash a ship, which was just gesture by Kruger activating sticky homing explosives.

The trailer for The Empty Man make it look like a supernatural horror film in the vein of Slender Man. This is mostly in the first half; the rest of the film is a Cosmic Horror Story about thoughtforms. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind had this one particularly bad ad that made it look like some sort of madcap comedy starring Jim Carrey which is not entirely surprising.

The early teaser trailers for E. To be fair, though, it originally was. It turned out to be a horrific slasher film that happens to take place on a spaceship. The trailers and ads for Everybody's Fine make it out to be some kind of quirky, funny little indie film. Something the whole family can enjoy while in reality it was a sad drama.

This was actually used effectively for the action thriller Executive Decision which heavily used Steven Segal as the bad-ass special forces commander clashing with Kurt Russell's CIA man. Thus, when Segal's character dies less than halfway through the movie , it comes as a true shock and nicely shakes expectations up. It isn't even less then halfway into the film. It is literally under five minutes after the start of the mission to retake the plane, thus being even more surprising. He concludes with "And now I've finally found a way to track him.

I will become him," implying that he willingly takes on his enemy's appearance in order to find him. The film begins with Archer actually capturing Castor and putting him in a coma, and the face switch only happens because the FBI needs vital information from Troy's brother Pollux, and Archer reluctantly takes on the mission because he's the only one who can pass for Troy.

The movie Failure to Launch had one trailer that aired on male-centric channels such as Comedy Central, in which the entire trailer consisted of several guys getting attacked by animals in the woods. Anyone who saw only this trailer would never figure out by it that the movie is actually a romantic comedy, and that the forest scene barely takes up five minutes of the movie. The trailer for the original Fame began by introducing the main characters and their motivations, saying "For Lisa, it's the dance.

The film The Family Stone was advertised as a romantic comedy. It really isn't, being instead a family drama with a rather bittersweet angle. And while there's romance involved, it's not between the characters advertised in the trailer. The Fast and the Furious : Just about all of the marketing for the first film promoted the car aspect and very little about the heist or the undercover cops. So if you came in expecting a movie about racing, prepare to be disappointed as that whole plot stops after the 30 minute mark.

While this does happen, it's a very minor thing and only for about a minute near the end of the movie. Not only are these shots from completely different scenes, but the two never directly fight each other in the whole movie and everyone, Hobbs included, immediately forgives Dom when comes back to their side.

In actuality, it is made clear to the audience that Dom is being extorted into turning on them from pretty much the beginning, even if for what is not initially made clear. F9 : The trailer shows Roman and Tej approaching the farm where Dominic and Letty are hiding out and Roman making a heart with his hands while saying "We thought you could use some love.

When Roman and Tej meet with Sean and Twinkie, they're looking at a Fiero with a rocket on the back in disbelief. Cut to the Fiero rocketing down the runway and a shot of Roman and Tej inside screaming in terror. The film has the Fiero rocketing down the runway unoccupied and driven by remote control. The shot of Roman and Tej inside comes from later when they go into space.

Trailers for The Favourite only feature Queen Anne being quirky and high-strung, making no reference to the lesbian love triangle that the movie is actually about. There's a very brief shot of Anne and Abigail dancing, with no context whatsoever. The trailer for Fearless depicts an inspirational, life-affirming story of a man learning to live life to the fullest after surviving a catastrophe, complete with scenes of dancing and laughter set to U2 's "Where the Streets Have No Name.

A TV spot for Fight Club portrayed it as a romantic comedy. Most ads for Fight Club made it look like an action movie all about fighting and the name certainly seems to back it up. Many theatergoers likely skipped it because of this, and were probably miffed when they realized it was something they might have liked.

Ironically, the author of the book stated in the foreword of a republishing of Fight Club that absolutely nobody noted that the novel was a romance; which in a really twisted way, it is. Instead, it's a more depressing film where Wahlberg's character being The Woobie and always putting with abuse from his family and trying to ruin anything that makes him happy. The boxing and rags to riches scenes come later but it ends up taking a back seat to the family drama not seen in the trailer. It's actually Esteban that does so in the film proper, with Don Benito serving more of a "good cop" role in the sequence.

As for the clip of Don Benito laughing? It's actually from the scene where the Rojos annihilate the Baxters later on. Some of the trailers for Flight portrayed the movie as a quirky and uplifting drama about a heroic, but misunderstood, airline pilot defending himself against bogus accusations related to the dramatic emergency landing of his plane.

In reality, the film is actually a very somber and sad drama about the horrible effects that alcoholism has on a person. The trailer for Float Like A Butterfly focuses on the boxing elements of the story, implying the movie is similar to something like Girlfight.

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I mean I just want to know whether I am prepared to take every signal or not. So, I just want to know my preparation time, hence this question. In other words, I am asking about the maximum heat you are prepared to take on a trade. Assuming that I have my account balance as USD to begin with.

Now consider you are in the same trade with obviously bigger account size and the trade goes against by 80 pips and then reversing in your favour for 37 pips. Due to your bigger account size, you are allowed to keep the trade open whereas for me it is closed. Ultimate result is profit for you and loss for me. I am just wondering if that is the way you mark all your trades successful and count them at the end of the month as pips earned. I am also anxious to know how could you get 1 pip profit on few trades as shown on your website, maybe BE.

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I know these questions maybe irritating but it serves the purpose of identifying the truely dedicated and committed service and I am looking for value for my money like everyone else as I got cheated with some hyped results and committment as adverstised by some of the service providers and hence I thought of learning on my own than depending on someone else.

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HI Happy Trader and Subscribers of Services… I am not a subscriber of this service and hence would like to know more about it from traders who already subscribed. However I still have few questions in my mind and upon asking the same to Happy Trader by e-mail to him, I was replied with something that does not answer my questions at all.

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Well done on that as it looks attractive. The confusion arises because I am keen to understand whether these trades are being kept open for very long time and are being closed on the dates mentioned on the website under Trade Tracker. Straight and simple question and need straight answer. Are these trades mentioned on Trade Tracker represents Intra-day trades being opened and closed the same day and during the session as mentioned or these trades are being held for long time and closed on these dates?

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In my opinion, if a site makes a big deal of providing unbiased independent reviews of other services, and then removes all of the bad reviews of services in which they have some financial interest, this amounts to criminal fraud Fraud - Wikipedia. It is about time a criminal investigation into the forex peace army operations is started so that it can be determined whether this opinion is true.

The thing is that people read a lot FPA reaviews, and whether they are true or biased, they affect someones decision, especially if he is new to forex. That is why the best thing to do is use multiple sources before investing to something.

But what I mainly find is that most of the genuine reviews are from people that have just finished their courses and are all excited by the nice training people on the other side of the email and the prospect of making a nice big pile of money, not having an idea what on earth is in front of them yet. See Is Forex Peace army and forexbastards. Yahoo Answers. I am amazed that I appear not to have done so in the last 29 posts, even though I did not realise it was verboten. I know for a fact that I have included links to PNG images of forex charts in the past, so perhaps there is some sort of policy of deliberate confusion of users in place of which I am not aware.

A polite suggestion - a computer is just as capable of preventing a user from using links as allowing them to and sending them an automated message afterwards, and it would be more user-friendly to do so. This is in stark contrast, for example, with the policy of the reviewpips. Even Maddoff, such a huge investor, is found to be scammer only then…. I have however become more and more disconnected with the site due to the owners recent ramblings into religion and spirituality and IMHO some rather dodgy recruitment drive into a select club.

Click to expand While I can see the point I believe the real issue is the nature of the industry. TopFroxx Well-Known Member. It's not bad but it's certainly no better than anything else out there. Jack said:. You guys are pretty nasty toward each other. Maybe we can do better? Peterma Well-Known Member.

Similar type of post on BP back in June, probably same guy, large pinch of salt required. Peterma said:. If it is the same guy, which I suspect it is, then negativity reigns, it's how he operates. Sometimes posters here can be abrasive, maybe even nasty, but it is all in a day's read, no big deal.

The only part of that guy's post that rings true is the lack of information threads, that's why I had a go at some threads focusing on the right side of the chart. Reason for being 'pesky' was that price was respecting the trend and not the fundies I think. So putting my neck on the line, pun intended , early tomorrow the line will be on Thanks guys - time to exit at 1. Edit - btw good chance of leaving some on cable but it's Friday afternoon.

We left some on the table but that was because he was likely a buyer right then. Alpha-Bet Well-Known Member. AB, it wasn't about the call, more maybe about what Douglas calls the 'zone'.

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