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Forex brokers rating forum yamaha tyros 5 vs motif investing

Forex brokers rating forum

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Thank you very much for this valuable article. I completely agree with you. I think this is going to be a big help for the new traders to find a regulated and reliable broker for them. Rating and reviews are helpful. However, I recommend test their trading service in demo account first. SofieAndreasen posted: lucasser posted: Should i choose a broker based on experience or should i choose a broker based on rating and reviews? Demo account are made just for that, just for them to make you think they dont have slippage, plugins, higher execution time, lower spread.

DEMO account are for you to turn your 10k into 1M and then deposit on real account 2k and lose everything in one day, believe me, DEMO's are the paradise compare to real accounts. If you wan to test a broker, make sure they have regulation; check on WikiFx, FPA, forums online where you can see reviews. But dont believe in every. They want you to lose money. So as more information you have from them more you will see and recognize their tricks. I think, you can visit those websites that provide broker reviews on their sites to find the best broker from all.

To choose a correct broker, a trade should note down his trading requirements. First, ascertain your trading style. If you are a scalper select a broker which has lowest spreads and fast execution. Second, select a trading platform, if you have just started trading then go for the MT4 trading platform, it is the most basic platform with maximum of the trading features.

Third, select a broker with low commissions and low spreads. This combination is very unique and results in tremendous trading. Lastly, make sure that the broker is regulated by the regulation of your jurisdiction. All these factors combined will help you get the best broker for you. The more your practice, the more you learn. Mohammadi posted: The best broker is a broker which for all time makes sure security of funds at any deposits with a wide range of trading technologies.

And any best broker does not restrict any kinds of trading techniques with scalping and hedging. I agree. Choosing a broker which provides security of funds and lowest spreads is important. Right but sometimes lowest spreads can be delusional. In most cases, lowest spreads means higher commission and other fees. I calculate lowest spread when I combined both spread and commission in pips. A broker is the most important element in this forex market. Without a good broker, you can not survive in this market.

Whatever broker you are using, you just have to make sure that it caters to your unique requirements. Your broker is the most important part of your forex journey. You cannot think of trading without a suitable broker. Make sure the broker you choose caters to your trading needs and has low transaction fees.

The spreads it offers should be tight. Thank you for the amazing tips. Very helpful to me : Open in a full screen. Forex media is helpful. So are the broker review sites. True, A trader's performance is affected by the choice of broker he makes. Trading is not the same for every trader. Davidtaylorr posted: Make sure the broker you choose caters to your trading needs and has low transaction fees.

Agree with you on this. I chose fxview who turned out to be reliable and trading conditions seemed decent to me. Similarly some other might be good for you. Do proper research before choosing. Please login to comment. All Rights Reserved. Leverage creates additional risk and loss exposure. Before you decide to trade foreign exchange, carefully consider your investment objectives, experience level, and risk tolerance.

You could lose some or all of your initial investment. Do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Educate yourself on the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial or tax advisor if you have any questions. Any data and information is provided 'as is' solely for informational purposes, and is not intended for trading purposes or advice. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

All Quotes x. Dear User, We noticed that you're using an ad blocker. An economic calendar is an essential tool for virtually every Forex trader, regardless of whether they engage in trading based on technical or fundamental analysis. Knowing what economic events and reports are scheduled for a trading day or week will help you to avoid getting railroaded on potential trades. Within the Forex Factory economic calendar, you are able to apply specific filters which will allow you to narrow or expand your search results.

For example, one of the more useful filter settings is based on economic report impact. This filter allows you to select events that are anticipated to be of the following nature — high impact, medium impact, or low impact. The MT5 forum is focused on all relevant information as it pertains to the Metatrader trading platform.

This includes threads related to both MT4 and MT5. As such, it is much more specialized than most other general forex trading forums that we will discuss here. The MT5 forum offers a trading discussion area, trading software section, a brokers and payment processor section, among others.

Within each of these subforums there are additional subtopics. The most popular threads are found in the general Forex conversation subtopic. A notable area within the MT5 forum is the trading software section. Within that area there are threads related to automated trading , system design and development, various indicators related to MT4 and MT5, and general MQL programming tips and tricks. For those that are interested in getting the latest news in the currency markets, the MT5 forum has a nice Forex news section.

Within it, traders can receive information and data about recent economic releases, important geopolitical events, central bank announcements , and other related information valuable to trading in the currency markets. There is a special section within this website that is dedicated to those interested in learning these programming languages.

More specifically, this can be found in the CodeBase section. In addition to this, users can gain access to a library of customized scripts and indicators. This is very helpful and will save a lot of time for those traders and developers that require access to such resources. MQL5 is the premier MetaTrader forum in the industry.

EarnForex is not as popular as most of the other FX trading forums within this list. It is a smaller Forex trading strategies forum, nevertheless, there are some good nuggets of information for those interested in learning more about Forex trading. Some of the more popular boards within this forex trading discussion forum include topics such as technical analysis, fundamental analysis, trading systems and strategies, forex news, and forex education.

The EarnForex website is generally well known for its in-depth broker reviews. There is a section within the website where you can find details on hundreds of different Forex brokers, and narrow the list down based on specific criteria. The broker section also features a five star system that can help in quickly scanning Forex brokers that have the best overall ratings.

EliteTrader is a well-established trading forum that has over , members. These users have contributed to over , discussions totaling more than 4 million posts. Unlike most of the other forex forum sites mentioned thus far, the EliteTrader forum goes well beyond just the foreign exchange market.

You will find topics related to trading stocks, options, commodities , futures, cryptos and more. In addition to this, users will find plenty of threads related to order execution, automated trading, technical analysis, app development, strategy building, risk management, trading psychology, and more.

One of the more unique areas of discussion within the EliteTrader forum is the professional trading section. This is geared towards aspiring CTAs and hedge fund managers seeking help in licensing, business set up , and learning more about regulatory requirements. Trade2Win forum was established in Like the EliteTrader forum it brings together traders from many different interests. This includes stock traders, Forex traders, crypto traders , fixed income traders, options traders and more.

The sheer amount of information available on the Trade2Win platform can be dizzying. Trade2Win boosts a membership of close to ,, and these users account for over 1 million total posts across one hundred thousand threads. The Trade2Win platform is completely free, and you can view all posts on their forum website without even signing up. If however, you wish to post or reply to any threads, you will need a membership to do so, which again is free. It provides discussions on topics including discretionary trading, swing trading , technical analysis, economic and fundamental analysis, psychology, risk and money management, and algorithmic trading.

Within this area you will find relevant threads such as becoming a home-based trader, joining a proprietary trading firm, and tips on finding positions in the hedge fund industry. A currency trading forum can be a great starting place for new and aspiring traders. It can help in understanding the different trading methods and techniques used by more experienced traders.

Additionally, you will have access to a like-minded community that you can tap into to have your market related questions answered. As such, there are quite a bit of upsides to joining a top rated trading forum. The flipside of this is that there are also some drawbacks. More specifically, because Forex discussion forums are not built around any single authoritative voice, you can easily get lost in the weeds, so to speak.

For example, some traders on these forex strategy forums will swear by price action techniques, while others will espouse indicator based methods, and yet another might be into astrological trading techniques. One of the best ways to view Forex forums is as a general resource.

That is to say that it can help you in deciding which style of trading you feel most comfortable with. From there, you can seek out more personalized trading courses that will provide you a more structured education within your specialized area of interest.

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5 Best Forex and Trading Forums – Reviews · Forex Factory · Baby Pips · Trade2Win · Forex Peace Army · Invest Social (former MT5 Forum). Forex forums as sources of FX news, currency trading strategies, forextrading information in rational and reasonable reviews by active forex traders. Forex Forums · 1. Reddit» Forex Trading Community · 2. EarnForex · 3. Forex Peace Army · 4. Forex Lasers Forum · 5. · 6. ForexTips | Forex Forum · 7.