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Patch vest metal

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I am a bit of a redneck and I am really into Southern Rock like Skynyrd. I put it inside the vest because I know that some people don't like the symbol, but I did it for me. Please note in my three reasons I never wrote anything about racism, which I definitely don't condone or participate in. The KKK also flies an American flag at all their rallies, but that doesn't make it a hate symbol. Really, they are just a bunch of idiots. I wrote "Don't worry, I am a Redneck, not a Racist" just so people can be sure of that.

Hope that kind of explains my thoughts and reasoning. Also, I bought it when they started banning it for idiotic reasons and needed to put it somewhere. I don't think that type of censorship is a good thing. Looking good, I prefer heavier bands myself but a rad vest is a rad vest! Iommi patch is tiiiight. Gotta ask, how are the photos attached? Wanted something similar ages ago but figured it wouldn't survive. Thank you. Your vest is awesome, and is definitely one of the vests that convinced me to rearrange denser.

Your updates keep getting better. I don't spray it directly, but I spray a bunch into a dish, and paint it on thick with a paint brush. This makes a huge difference for me, as the fabric doesn't get a bunch of scratches on it and it helps with fading.

Without the lacquer the print scratches off fairly easily and looks crappy pretty quick in my experience. Always great to see classic rock fans in this community. You put a lot of time and effort to move patches around and add more it. It definitely takes a lot of time to get things sewn down they way I want it. I sew pretty tight and use a lot of stitches, so patches take between 45 minutes to a couple hours if they are over a pocket.

It is relaxing for me, and I just put on some tunes to make it more enjoyable. I checked out your items, and it looks like you have some nice vintage patches posted but I think a bunch of them are sold. I look forward to seeing a jacket you put togeather. That's how long it took me to sow the patches on an old jacket. I wasn't too satisfied with the results though. I will also include some newer ones out there too. I wasn't expecting to see Chilliwack here lol.

I always wanted to check them out but hardly had the chance lol. Chilliwack are still touring, just not doing too many shows a year. Plus most of the shows end up in British Columbia. I haven't had the chance to see them yet, but when I do I will be there.

Yeah, it kind of sucks when bands only tour in one particular area. That's the same with Hawkwind. Ya, the brown part is a pocket that can be used to carry any big band merch I buy at a gig, like a shirt or something.

Brilliant Work! Are you finished? Do you remember where you get the Triumph Patch? Quite the vest and oh boy, probably one of the most in-depth descriptions of any item on here, ever :. After 2 years, I finally created an account and rushed over here just to tell you that this vest is my favorite on this entire site. Excellent work. We want photos of your heavy metal tshirts to keep for future generations!

Skip to main content. Bands 0 Groups 0 Members 0 Forums 0 X. Battle Jacket. Not for sale or trade. Year: Great job. Awesome, where does that green Tesla patch come from? Ah nice! I've got a lot of Ukrpatchers stuff myself. All those colours hurt my eyes! And there is only few good bands there. That's just your opinion though.

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How to sew your metal embroidered patch on your vest

There's always room on your backpack for embroidered patches. In the winter. when you're forced to throw on a sweater or jacket, don't forget that. Metal Patch Battle Vest. Condition is "Pre-owned". Shipped with USPS First class. Check out our cool, rockin' band patches for your waistcoat ✓ Huge selection ✓ Top quality ✓ Extremely popular ✓ Cool designs ✓ Great Prices.