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TSV moving average is plotted as an oscillator. Four divergences are calculated for each indicator regular bearish, regular bullish, hidden bearish, and hidden bullish with three look-back periods high, mid, and small. For TSV, the The New York Stock

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Value vault csinvesting blog

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Read one of his numerous Mises Daily articles. Posted in Housekeeping. I accidently gave permission to one of you to modify the folder and guess what? All videos and materials got deleted! This was by accident no doubt. I have gone and made sure that everyone who has accessed the folder only has permission to VIEW the contents.

But I now have to upload MB files — 16 or more of them so it may take several hours 15 before everything is back up. Additional books and pdfs. Please bear with me. Also if you or new readers want continuous access to the Value Vault as new material is added then download the free www.

Then you will be alerted at your desktop whenever there is a change. Tagged Value Vault. Perfect practice makes perfect. The Value Vault has been updated with 16 videos and several books. For those who already sent me your emails, you should have automatically received an update. For those new to this blog, please just send an email to: Aldridge56 aol. I will send you the link in a day or two. Your email will not be shared or compromised.

The videos are the equivalent of an MBA course in investing. I appreciate the enthusiasm since your comments and suggestions are always welcome. The more specific the better to help you learn. Tagged Value Vault , Videos. A link to the value vault A folder containing several videos of great investor lectures like Michael Price, etc. If you did not receive this link or would like to have access to the folder just email me at aldridge56 aol.

Posted in Housekeeping , Uncategorized. Many readers have been gracious in their praise of the videos. Thanks, but I never found just viewing them to be as good a learning tool as trying to value the companies mentioned myself. Then I would go back and listen again and again. The additional videos should be available another 5 before Thanksgiving. Ever think of how the life cycle of a turkey is similar to the chart of Enron? Thanks for your patience. Skip to content. Tag Archives: Value Vault.

If anyone has an idea for a more accessible storage option, let me know. This resulted in two things: First, conferred a competitive advantage in supply to Apple because they were able to achieve lowest cost in production. There are a number of possible answers: Prof. Greenwald has missed something in his approach to strategy.

Apple may be using elements of strategic logic to be successful like economies of scale, customer captivity, network effect, and patents. Steve Jobs may be a genius who invented an industry or product beyond the immediate scope of strategic analysis. Should the government tell you how to live? Here is how to deal with them. Thank you! Lectures The video lectures are online. Reading All readings for the course will be free and available online.

Grades and Certificates The final grade will depend on quizzes. Robert P. Murphy An adjunct scholar of the Mises Institute. Sorry for this inconvenience but within a day the Value Vault will be replenished. Value Vault Updated! Posted on November 29, 3 comments.

An early Christmas present s for you all. Be well, John Chew. Please send comments or suggestions. Massive federal spending. Presidents Roosevelt and Obama responded similarly to the crises. They talked about balancing the federal budget, but instead resorted to massive spending. Earlier presidents, like Cleveland and Harding, cut spending when the nation was threatened with economic hardship. Hoover was the transition president, running deficits with record spending on public works, the first federal welfare program, and the first large-scale federal farm program.

The results were budget deficits and 25 percent unemployment. President Roosevelt became Hoover on steroids. FDR and his advisers, despite some early moves to cut spending and control the deficit that Hoover left behind, decided that ever-larger federal spending would trigger economic expansion and pull the country out of its economic slump. He also expanded spending on public works and targeted large subsidies to various special interests.

President Obama, who often cites FDR, followed his example of targeting spending to interest groups. The President also campaigned for a cap-and-trade bill and universal health coverage, both of which promised to increase the federal debt substantially. In fact, the increase in federal debt under Obama and Roosevelt is similar.

Spending fail s. After the large increases in federal spending under Roosevelt and Obama, unemployment remained high. In the s unemployment fluctuated, but recovery never occurred. When Obama took office unemployment was at 8 percent, and in the next year it steadily increased to over 10 percent before falling back just under that mark. He and his advisers were puzzled that large spending increases did not slash unemployment, and he argued that his spending was saving jobs that would otherwise have been lost.

Critics of Roosevelt and Obama insisted that it was impossible to spend our way out of a recession. During the New Deal, economics writer Henry Hazlitt observed that public-works spending destroyed as many jobs as it created. Therefore for every public job created by the bridge project a private job has been destroyed somewhere else. Tax rates raised. During the Great Depression Roosevelt raised both income and excise taxes.

Few paid that rate, but thousands of Americans were in the percent bracket. Entrepreneurs had to hand over more than half of any income above a certain level. Facing disincentives to make capital investments, many entrepreneurs used their wealth cautiously—investing in tax-exempt bonds, art collections, and foreign banks.

Little wealth went into creating jobs, so high unemployment persisted. Most of the tax hikes under Obama are planned for the future. Thus far we have seen proposed tax hikes on products such as cigarettes, liquor, plane tickets, and soft drinks. He wants the tax cuts enacted under President Bush to expire. That will mean a spike in the capital gains tax, the income tax, and the estate tax. As FDR showed, tax hikes eventually follow large spending increases.

The sequence of massive federal spending followed by a lack of recovery plus tax hikes is poison for a politician. Therefore Roosevelt sought scapegoats to explain his failure. Wall Street bankers were his favorites. FDR then launched IRS investigations of key Republicans and used the newspapers to encourage hostility toward these targets.

He condemns the raises these bankers sometimes receive and the profits earned by some large oil companies and health insurance companies. True, this strategy guarantees that many wealthy Americans will attack any president who uses class warfare, but the campaign for redistribution will always supply large amounts of money to subsidize favored groups. Lesson for investors: Focus on what YOU can control in an often uncertain and random world.

Hi, I am sorry I did not get back to you sooner. This issue is still being looked into , the initial investigation shows slowness and we are trying to track down the root cause of the problem. This folder has been shared with several users and contains massive amount of data 9. While this is being investigated, would it be possible for you to contact the sender and request them to split the content in different folders and share them separately? I will work on this. I already suspected that the Value Vault was getting too big especially after uploading 21 videos last night.

Let me find out how small the folders should be, etc. I will do my best to have this done by Monday as long as my Cuban coffee holds up. Posted in Housekeeping. Tagged Value Vault. A Reader: I hope you are doing well. I find your blog extremely useful. I was a student of Prof.

I have had trouble accessing Value Vault for more than 3 weeks now. I contacted them and they told me that they were working on the fix. Several other people have begun posting the same problem on their community threads, so hopefully they will take notice and fix it soon.

I have been so desperate to access the files as I am in between jobs and want to make full use of my time , that I have often waited for several hours to see if the files eventually show up. Would you be able to check with them and express displeasure on behalf of all us who read your blog and are having problems accessing the files?

Hopefully, they can fix it soon. My reply : I am so sorry for these problems. My access seems to be fine, but others have had the same problem and have been told that the problem is on www. They are in search of a fix.

What I am doing now is waiting for them to call me back. Either one of two things will happen within the next week or so:. Tagged displeasure , Value Vault , yousendit. Skip to content. Just Click on the Link Below and Download.

Q1: When to sell? Q2: What am I reading? Coors Case Study Would anyone like to comment on what you learned? By Wenesday, I will post the short write-up. Folsom Jr. A reader sent me this from the yousendit. Let me know if you have additional questions or concerns. What happens if you get scared half to death twice? Steve Wright Problems Accessing Value Vault Several of you like this reader have had problems opening the folders to the value vault.

Either one of two things will happen within the next week or so: The problem gets resolved through www. Perhaps for the hardcore users, I could set up an email list to send links to all the videos and for any updates—I will need to research this over the weekend. Hopefully, this will be resolved shortly.

I will push from my end. Proudly powered by WordPress. Theme: Coraline by WordPress. Bruce Greenwald Videos Part two. Greenblatt Videos. View this folder. Accounting, Investment Banking and Business Analysis books.

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The vault will become better organized, manageable, and easier to access. The next step will be to categorize this blog. Buffett and Moat Investing. I do not. Value Vault for Books; A More Focused Blog on Investing. Posted on October 15, The Blog is now, a self-hosted site. A Reader's Question: How Can I Improve as a Value Investor. Thank you once again sharing the links, access to the value vault, and your blog posts.